Police Officer Cited For Hit And Run

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Investigators say for the second time in 6 months a police officer has been involved in another hit and run case.  The latest incident was in Frackville.

Joseph Hahn of Frackville worked as a part time officer for 4 departments in Schuylkill County.

His first run in with the law was in June near Jim Thorpe. Hahn admitted crashing his car and leaving the scene, and having an open alcohol container in his car. He paid almost $300.00 in fines.

A second hit and run was  in Frackville earlier this month. Police say Hahn smashed into a car, which was pushed into an SUV.  In the police report,  Hahn admits to the crash and adds he ran because he panicked. Both vehicles are owned by the Cole family.
Amanda Cole is upset and concerned.

"I don't think he should be a police officer anymore, I don`t think he should have a driver`s license, this is second incident. What`s next is he going to hit a person, a child crossing the street, injure someone, kill someone?." Cole said.

Frackville Police said they tracked Hahn's SUV to his backyard garage by following the fluids which leaked as a result of the crash.  He's received 3 traffic citations, including careless driving.  He could face  several hundred dollars in fines if convicted.

Neighbor Steve Jaskierski explained  he's glad police didn't play favorites.

"I just think he should be under the same law as other people should be ."

We went to officer Hahn's home in Frackville to see what he had to say.  No one answered the door. Amanda Cole said Hahn's carelessness ruined a family project.

"They all had plans my husband and my daughter and my boys this summer coming up to tear the motor down and rebuild it together and now it's gone and we can't replace it."

The Cole family said they're replacing the car which was totaled with a used vehicle, but the cost of even a used car is so much that they have to ask the Salvation Army for help for Christmas.


  • common_sense_does_not_come_with_a_badge

    Three traffic citations? how is this fair? isnt leaving the scene of an accident a crime and not an infraction in all 50 states?

  • Skeptic

    Interesting how people use this guy to justify their hatred for police. He’s a dumb punk who happens to have been a cop. Dumb punks come in all walks of life. To relate the two is ignorant. The vast majority of police officers are good people who risk their lives every day so you have the right to bash them.

    • Shane Zellaha

      You are mistaken the vast majority of cops are arrogant stupid Assholes.
      They ruin more lives than any other profession! And far to many enjoy it…

    • Will

      You should read the daily feed of police misconduct on police misconduct.net. It’s run by the Republican-backed Cato Institute. They only report on cases of misconduct that appear in the news–so it’s the tip of the iceberg. A significant percentage of cops are bad, unfortunately. Their misbehavior usually gets swept under the rug, though.

    • common_sense_does_not_come_with_a_badge

      interesting how there is an epidemic of police departments hiring these stupid axxholes to go out and violate our rights- come on man, havent you noticed things have been changing?

  • Mont

    Typical Skook stuff. This guy should be in jail. If any of us was involved in a hit and run with an open alcohol container they would go to great lengths to get a DUI charge.

    Also, why is this person forced to pay for a car out of pocket? Is this cop uninsured also?

    • Alice


  • Frank Rizzo

    Ridiculous! This is why people have no faith in the local police! They hire these losers and give them chance after chance! We had local cops around here who sold drugs repeatedly, stole from evidence rooms, sold stolen guns, took sexual favors from female drivers to avoid DUI’s, even one who did an Arson on video after trying to kill himself a year earlier and yet he was still a cop! Another threatened to kill the borough manager and her whole family and they out him out on medical leave and paid him full pay for over a year before allowing him to retire and collect a pension! It’s ridiculous!

  • Sundown

    how is anyone supposed to take the cops seriously if you hire and keep clowns like this on the force, hello? let him go!!

  • Lauren

    That’s so wrong. This is why when cops screw up they should be stripped of everything. First incident, they should lose their job and be charged if not harsher. If that was any other civilian they would be in big trouble, which they should be. But as an officer, who’s trained to do right and follow the law and set an example… It’s just disgusting that they get to keep their jobs.

  • Richard

    Joseph Hahn should be barred from EVER becomming a Police Officer ANYWHERE. If he loses his drivers license he can’t be a Police Officer anyways because he won’t have the qualifications to become one because of no drivers license. 2ndly that guy is one big loser. He wrecks the family car and now they are without wheels and have to look to the Salvation Army for a handout. Next we will be providing them with all sorts of entitlements. This guy should learn some sense of responsibility and think about providing for the needs of his family. As a retired Police Officer myself it’s guys like this that give the Police Profession a bad name. When I was working I was pretty much on the top of the ladder therefore part of my duties was to do background checks on future employees and do the hiring. Joseph Hahn would be disqualified in a heartbeat.

  • R

    I actually like this officer and would much rather deal with him than most on the force. He’s a good cop and a nice guy.

    • Sharon

      Why do you think he “panicked”:? He went home and hid to allow time to pass so he would not get a DUI. Check the portal. Not his first go round.

  • fkjdjfl;as

    you people don’t think this is favorites? people get DUI’s all the time and have to pay $5,000 fines, lose their jobs, and spend a MIN. 72 hours in prison. The first DUI offense is actually 2 DUI’s. What is worse is this man LEFT the crime scene, and is Still a police officer. A $300.00 fine for a police officer, yet for a normal person its 6 months probation ($75.00 a month) plus court costs, plus fines, plus jail time. this is a joke of justice.

    • Joy Annis

      He was not charged with a DUI in the first one because there is no way to prove what his BAC was at the time since he fled the scene…one opened alcohol container does not prove he was above the legal limit and there was no way to test him because Defendant’s must be tested within 3 hours of the incident. Unfortunately a lot of people tend to leave the scene of an accident when they are drunk because they know they cannot get charged with a DUI – just leaving the scene which is usually only a summary charge. Being a cop he knew how to get around the law and knew if he left they could not get him for DUI. It sucks!

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