UPDATE: Deadly Shooting Near Law Office Under Investigation

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UPDATE:  SWOYERSVILLE -- Police in Luzerne County have released more information on a deadly shooting in Luzerne County.

According to authorities, Brian Pavia, 34, was charged with homicide at a magistrate's office in Swoyersville early Wednesday morning.

Investigators believe the man from Plains Township shot and killed John Dulsky during an argument Tuesday night on Wyoming Avenue in Forty Fort.

Police say Pavia told them he was picking up the snow thrower when he was punched in the face by Dulsky.  Investigators think that's when Pavia opened fire hitting the man twice.

Police said Pavia admitted he and the victim had run-ins before.  Officers said Pavia took them to the body and admitted to the crime.

An autopsy is set for Wednesday in Luzerne County.

FORTY FORT --- Police, the coroner and the Luzerne County District Attorney showed up at the scene of a death in Forty Fort.

Investigators said it happened earlier Tuesday night behind 1217 Wyoming Avenue in Forty Fort.

The front of the building is Limongelli law office.

Authorities said two men got into an argument. One person was shot and killed.

Witnesses Newswatch 16 spoke with off camera said they heard two shots.

When police arrived on scene, they say they took one man in for questioning.

They are calling him a person of interest.

Investigators are still trying to figure out exactly what happened but they say one thing is clear; this was an isolated incident.

"They knew each other from work, they didn't work directly together. All we know at this point is that there was an argument that resulted in gunfire,"  said Forty Fort Police Chief Daniel Hunsinger.

An autopsy has been scheduled.


  • Mr. Dexter

    Mr. Dulsky accused Mr. Pavia’s wife of molesting one of his children. Amy Pavia works as a school teacher for Dallas area. Dulsky has many times threatened to kill the Pavia’s and their dog’s. Brian Pavia has the text messages saved. Amy has not been working as a school teacher for some time now. Brian just purchased the weapon a few weeks ago.

    • tomilynne

      Dr. amy pavia was working as a teacher at Dallas Area until this incident. my children are students of hers. You are implying that she hasn’t worked there for a long time that just isn’t true. Also, there are many other ways Mr. Pavia could have handled this situation and the whole troubled interactions he had with the victim. As a parent I teach my children that VIOLENCE is NOT the answer to whatever is going on in their life or relationships in this world. If he simply called the police when he was hit went about his business and ignored the actions of the other man, the lives impacted by this tragedy would be better for it.

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