Snow Emergency Declared in Stroudsburg

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More snow is heading our way and for one community in the Poconos, that means they'll be working late into the night to make room for the few more inches expected to fall.

Little by little, large piles of snow are scooped up, loaded into dump trucks and driven away in Stroudsburg.

Newswatch 16 found borough workers clearing mounds of snow from a parking lot downtown, all to make way for another round of winter.

"I'm not a snow person, sorry, don't like it. Sorry Poconos, sorry ski resorts," said Lynn Spieker of Reeders.

"I like it. I'll be skiing this week, so that's a good thing," said John Rutkowsky of Stroudsburg.

Whether you love snow or despise it, it's coming again.

Stroudsburg has declared a "Snow Emergency", meaning no parking allowed on streets marked as a "Snow Emergency Route" after 10:00 p.m. or driver's will risk getting towed.

"Stroud Area Regional Police have been great working with us and they usually get the cars towed before we get there," said Brian Bond, the Director of Public Works.

"They're doing a fine job, we just have to be patient.  They can only work at their pace and we just have to make do," said Rutkowsky.

In the meantime, borough workers will be scooping up the snow, moving the snow and dumping the snow until the snow stops falling.

"We all have to be inconvenienced at one point or another, so it's got to be done," said Spieker.

Borough workers tell Newswatch 16: If your car is parked on a "Snow Emergency Route", move it before 10:00 p.m. Monday or risk getting towed.

The parking restriction is scheduled to be lifted by 9:00 a.m. Tuesday.

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