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A Mother’s Plea

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Jessica Socling of Williamsport said she last saw her three sons, ages 8, 6, and 4, a few days before Thanksgiving. That’s when she said the boy’s father picked them up for his regular visit and took them far away.

Socling said her three sons mean everything to her. Four days before Thanksgiving, Socling dropped off the boys at their father’s for a visit. Socling and her husband, 35-year-old Majed Sayed are separated. Sayed did not bring the children home when he was supposed to. Socling made some frantic phone calls and said her worst fear came true.

“Customs informed me that the children had gotten on a plane to Saudi Arabia and they were in the air at that time,” Socling said.

Sayed allegedly kidnapped the children, which violates a Lycoming County court order prohibiting him from taking the boys out of Pennsylvania. The children have been in Saudi Arabia, away from their mother for almost a month.

“Trying to keep in contact with them since then and trying everything I can to convince him to bring them back,” Socling said.

After Socling realized her children were on a plane to Saudi Arabia, she contacted authorities and the FBI charged Sayed with three counts of International Parental Kidnapping.

Socling’s attorney said Sayad’s and the children’s passports were taken away last year, and he may have forged passports to get to Saudi Arabia.

Sockling said her youngest child has severe developmental delays and needs therapy, which he is not getting in Saudi Arabia.

“That’s one of the reasons we had moved here so he can get the therapy he needs here,” Socling said.

Socling says she is desperately trying to get her children back.

“I have to explore every avenue I can. I have to talk to as many people as I can until I get to the point where somebody says yeah maybe we can do something about that,” Socling said.

Jessica Socling said the boys are with her husband’s family in Saudi Arabia and they are safe. She also says if her husband brings her children home safely, authorities may not press charges–she simply wants her children back. The FBI and the United States Attorney Generals office are handling the investigation.


  • Peace

    The article does not cover informations about the husband and what he has gone through, just because he is a man, an Arab, and muslim from Saudi Arabia, made him the oppressor. Has anyone question how did Jessica Socling treated this man when the control was in her hands, when the husband was living in USA after the divorce!! There is so much was not told honestly from Jessica in this interview. I just wish if people stop being racist

    I like that someone mentioned, who was paying the youngest kid therapy!!

    • Sundown

      Are you telling jokes? Everyone who has a brain know what this culture is like in it’s fanatical sectors, which they forget to leave at the door from whence it came, this is not judging, it’s calling a spade a spade, if it walks like a duck you know what I mean? Or is your head in the sand? or in another dark and damp place.

      • Peace

        Yes! I guess i was telling a joke, sundown! it is a joke to speak about biases and racism in America.
        What do you know about our culture? Probably What the media lies at you everyday, exactly like the big lie in this article. Stay ignorant as much as u want. I am not very serprised to see this reaction from people.
        God bless America.

  • Gia Daniel

    It helps to know the culture of the person whom you are marrying. Under Islamic law, if the parents divorce, when the children reach a certain age, they go to their father’s total custody, with the mother having visiting rights. The father is the one who is responsible for their food, clothing, housing, education, and future marriages.
    Perhaps Ms. Socling didn’t look into this, perhaps he didn’t tell her, because both parties thought their marriage would last forever.

    • ME

      I’m sure lots of others didn’t know that, either. It’s not like I don’t have sympathy for this woman, because I do, but the Middle Eastern culture is hardly a big secret anymore. Men are supreme, even if they come to America. They still stone women in many of those countries. Too many Americans change religions and think like Americans when they marry foreigners, but you’re taking a risk. Unfortunately, this woman found out that putting a habib on and embracing another religion, doesn’t save you from years of indoctrination and upbringing, much of which doesn’t disappear even after living somewhere else for years.

  • Cindy Russell

    You guys just don’t get it. To these people (I realize how that sounds, but too bad), children are a possession, just like their wife is. Americans haven’t figured this out yet. They don’t think like we do. They don’t give one big fat poo about the woman’s/mother’s rights to see her children because in their minds the children belong to the MAN. That’s just the way THEY operate. You aren’t going to change that. Ever. So, if you put your a$$ in that situation and then have kids, YOU did it.

    • Gallery Shops

      They don’t think like we do? We don’t all think alike cindi. Yes, she should have given more thought to the marriage. There are also American fathers that kidnap their kids. Some have even killed the children. Do we all think like those creeps that would rather see the kids dead than with their mother? Keep in mind that Americans are made up of all kinds of people. We have our bigots, we have our women haters, we have our pedofiles, our rapists….Do I need to go on? Thise people I must mentioned don’t represent the entire United States.

  • ME

    Oh well, that’s what happens when you marry someone from a backward country, where men are considered supreme. Yes, this happens in lots of cases, but the going gets rougher, when you’re talking international countries. Good luck, lady. You’re going to need it.

  • Sundown

    You want religious freedoms but you shouldn’t have freedoms that violate human rights! These men are crazy, dangerous fanatics, and praying these boys are safe, he should freakin’ hang…by his testicles.

  • Rat Bastard

    “Sockling said her youngest child has severe developmental delays and needs therapy, which he is not getting in Saudi Arabia.

    “That’s one of the reasons we had moved here so he can get the therapy he needs here,” Socling said.”

    Who’s paying for that I wonder.

  • Traci June

    Please share this link it is a fund set up to help Jessica raise money to fight her battle and to visit her boys. Jessica is one of my Cub Scout leaders and her oldest son Muhammad is one of my Cub Scouts. She is an amazing woman and friend. Please even if you can’t donate, pass the link along to someone who may

      • traci

        If you don’t want to help that’s fine, if you don’t agree with her life choices that’s fine too. You don’t know her and her family I DO and they are wonderful people. They are not differernt than the rest of us. If this were a Christian couple you would probably jump on the chance to help but since they have a different lifstyle than you they aren’t worth it. YOU ARE SADLY WRONG. Jessica is the kind of person to help any one at any time and was always there when we needed her. So kindly keep your negitivity to yourself

      • Smarter than that

        And you don’t know me !! I’m a foreigner myself, a stranger in this country, so YES I do know what I’m talking about !!!

  • Tammy Christman

    My x husband did the same thing to me
    He got to my children around the holiday ‘s
    And didn’t bring them back ! I didn’t see them for 6 months
    With no help I went and found them and took them back and all he got from the courts don’t do it again and he always turned me in for everything but know my kids are older and thank god I don’t have to see him or anything but it was living hell for 18 years

  • Kristy Haughn

    This does happen all the time. I don’t think religion or race should even be a part of this discussion. As Becky S. said we are all human. One parent oversteps the boundary and thinks their way is the better way.
    This mother was clearly observing the fathers rights and in turn hers were violated.
    It all comes down to a parent unable to be with their children during the holidays, or any days. Someone should step up and help this woman reunite with her children.

  • Becky S.

    We are all equal as a human it is who raises us that makes us who you grow to be. Religion is all equal again it is how it is taught to us and how we as adults believe in it. People really need to understand the society we live and stop acting as all is bad. If proper respect is given it will returned no matter who and were you came from.

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