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Amber Alert Cancelled, Child Found Safe

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Authorities in Carbon County said an Amber Alert was cancelled just before 11 p.m. on Saturday, after an alleged child abductor was tracked down and arrested.

Investigators told Newswatch 16 that 4-year-old Kyleigh Simcsuk is doing okay, after she was found in a motel with her father around 10:45 p.m.

An Amber Alert was issued, when police were told that the girl was abducted from Delaware Avenue in Palmerton nearly four hours earlier.

Authorities said the abduction occurred after Timothy Simcsuk assaulted the child's grandmother, who currently has custody of the girl.

Palmerton Police said Timothy Simcsuk is locked up on parole violations in the Quakertown area, and he will likely face new charges when he returns to Carbon County.




  • jr

    both parents must be young and don’t know how to take care of their daughter however they still are that child’s parents … that being said the grandmother could have said you can spend some time here visiting with her and then sent him on his way when times was up …. he apparently thought this was the only way he could see his daughter now he is in more trouble with the law and it probily won’t stop him from going back to see her once he gets out

  • Sharon L. Getz

    I think it is clear that the grandmother had custody of the little girl so therefore either children and youth or the courts found reason enough to take this child away from the parents.
    Possibly drugs,,abuse, neglect or child molestation..
    If the grandmother has legal custody, that means that the parents have no rights at all to the child until proven fit to have the child.
    If the parents were proven unfit then that is the reason grandma has the little girl and it should not take a rocket scientist to know why the parents don’t have her anymore.
    She was taken away for a good reason and evidently the parents weren’t the best to have her.

  • Beth A. Bell

    it’s to bad about the grandma but you people need to know the whole store. and i also feel bad for the dad. because he though this was the only way to see his little girl.every one does not know what went wrong here but the mom and dad. i feel bad for them all.i’m glad they were found and they are all o.k.

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