Blue Devil Fans Travel to Chocolate Town

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OLD FORGE – The stands were packed. More than 1,400 tickets were sold to Old Forge fans all to cheer on the Blue Devils one last time.

Dozens of fans packed the bus early in the morning, making the trip down 81 to the ‘Sweetest Place on Earth.’

“It was an amazing trip down, half of Old Forge is here. We emptied the town out," said Jimmy Peperno of Old Forge.

Many of the football parents were just as excited as the team was for kick-off.

"Absolutely, my son`s a senior this year, there was no way. Twelve years I`ve never missed a game, I`m not missing this one," said Trisha Wilmont of Old Forge.

Fans old and young filled the stands, students say seeing this last game…

"Yeah it was worth the trip, it took us three hours to get here so yeah it mostly is," said 3rd grader James Sobo.

Fans made sure to pack lots of blue and gold and bundle up for a chilly afternoon.

"All bundled up, you are like all bundled up here hand-warmers, and just trying to stay warm, but it`s going to be an exciting game," said Cynthia Souryavong.

No matter the outcome on the field in Hershey, PA the Old Forge fans said the 2013 season sure was a sweet ride.

"It`s just a big wow, and I look back and six extra games and just the feeling around the town.

You know it gives you that big warm feeling,” said Tim Ruby of Old Forge.

For many watching, this team brings back memories of their days as a Blue Devil.

"I love it man because it`s great because a lot of the guys I used to hang out with, their kids are playing, Bingo, Bruno," said Nick Holgash of Old Forge.

As the game clock ran out, fans said it’s going to be tough to now see such a great season come to a close.

"Bittersweet definitely because it is their last game, so it is bittersweet win or lose it will be a tough emotional day,” said Wilmont.

A bittersweet ending indeed, as the Blue Devils fell to North Catholic High School by one point.

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