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Talkback Feedback: A World Without Talkback

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Quite the debate on Talkback 16 this week, and the debate was about Talkback itself.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing? And what would a world be like without Talkback?


  • Michael Wescott

    Yes, there are those who would disagree with WNEP’s exclusive “Talkback-16” feature; it was unavoidable.
    But (pay close attention), what medium do they choose to voice their opinion?
    Why… TALKBACK-16, of course!

    and by the way… “GO DEVILS!” Good luck in Hershey, from a Riverside alumni.

  • Earl mull

    i know imm a bad speller sorry its earl im just derunk but reallove ur weather news cast i can change them when ever i want i like haveing fun with u
    the rain man have a good forcast
    u know who i am love earl

  • dave ashforth

    talkback is great just how else would we be able to express our views after all I think we have freedom of press unless that was taking away not really sure anymore

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