Teen Survives Bear Attack

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PORTER TOWNSHIP -- A young hunter is recovering from injuries after she was attacked by a bear in Clinton County.

Kyle Courter said Monday afternoon started off as a normal hunting day for his family. He, his dad, stepsister Camille and a friend hunted for deer at their family farm near Lock Haven. When the group saw three bear cubs run by, Courter said things got scary.

"I heard sister screaming and I went running. By time I got there I heard a couple of gunshots," Courter said.

The black bear charged at Camille and attacked her.

"Pretty good gash on her forehead from what I saw. Under her coat she had some pretty good bite wounds on her arms and chest," Courter said.

Courter says his dad fired a shot into the air, which seemed to scare the bear off. He believes the bear weighed between 200 and 300 pounds.

Camille's family says this is where the bear attack happened. Her brother believes she accidentally got in between the cubs and the momma bear, and that's when the bear attacked.

"The bear just, motherly instinct. It's always a chance when you walk out there," Colton Rager said.

Colton Rager is one of several neighbors who came to help after the bear attack.

"My buddy called me and he said that he needed help, his sister got attacked by a bear. We grabbed our guns and we went up after it," Rager said.

The group did not find the black bear and the Pennsylvania Game Commission called off the group's search. Courter credits his father with saving his stepsister's life.

"Yeah if he wouldn't have been there she wouldn't be with us," Courter said.

According to the state game commission, while this was a rare attack, this was normal behavior for a black bear if someone gets in between her and her cubs.

Tuesday afternoon, the game commission set up a bear trap at the family's farm. The family says the incident will not stop them from hunting.

Camille Bomboy is healing and listed in fair condition.


  • Ryan

    @ Jon Anthony. Inbred flannel? What gives you the right to call anyone names like that? Chances are your just as inbred and just wear silk. Get a life loser.

  • TC

    I wish this young lady and her family well, and as for the rest of you I’m glad I don’t know you. Look at how you act.

  • Julius tomalonis

    They are not retards. The shot the bear once (to protect her) which was not mentioned. The doctor also wanted to know incase they needed to treat her for rabies.

  • Christy

    I agree. Momma bear was most likely protecting her young. As for trapping it and relocating the bear depending on how far they relocate it she will find her way back. I have read about that so many times how the bear returns. Just let her go. People just need to be more aware and educated about bears before entering their domain.

  • Dave C

    Some of you people are out of control with your anti-hunting rants. First off if you read the story they were out looking for deer and ran into the bear. Everyone understands it was a natural move by mama bear and she has been moved off. No one wants to kill the bear because they understand her natural response in this case. If you don’t like hunting then don’t hunt and eat nothing but your veggies I guess you can continue to be misreable and pontificate to the rest of us how wonderful you are.

  • Dave C

    Not to swift are you Jon. First off they were hunting deer not bear. The mother did what mom bears do when they percieve a threat. But your comments about inbred yokels shows you really no nothing about hunting and appear to generally be a misreable person. I also assume you must not be a meat eater so I hope you enjoy your carrot sticks this Christmas.

    • Jeff

      Read the story again Dave. Clearly states they went after the bear that you yourself said was just protecting her cubs. What was the point?

    • Julius tomalonis

      They went looking for the bear because kyle beleives he shot it. The doctor wanted to know if rabies were transmitted.

  • Alex

    Hunters become the prey. I wish turkey’s and other animals could do the same to their assailants. No I’m not heartles I do hope she heals up. I also hope she realizes the ramifications of her actions every time she looks I’m the mirror. I hope she sees how they affect her and the environment at large. Here is hoping she becomes a voice for the animal who told her what she was doing today is not okay.

    As for hunters rights, animal rights and human rights. They are tied together. I really hope people start using the brain God gave them. Question everything be it your actions, your faith, or the government. Never take something at face value.

    Humans the ability to exercise empathy and compassion. It hard but that’s is one of our greatest skill sets as humans. I do hope she gets better.

    • Dave C

      Save us the feel good animal rights thing. She was deer hunting to begin with and let me guess…she should become the spirt of the deer? You vegans need to get a life.

    • Angela

      Agree that humans have a superior ability to exercise empathy and compassion. It is sad, therefore, that they are the only animal that kills for fun.

  • Mary

    I am glad she is ok but there are so many misconceptions. Ursus americanus (black bears) do not attack if someone or something comes between her and her cubs. People need to educate themselves. http://www.bear.org There are so many books out there spreading the misconceptions. This guy on the website has walked with bears for 30 years and has done a ton of research. Also, WE have moved in on their territory. They need to be left alone ~

    • Tom Langstrom

      Lady, you may think you know all about bears cause you read a book but I live right in the heart of bear country and I’m 62 years old. A mother bear will attack if she feels that you have invaded her space when she is with cubs, I’ve seen it and there have been two such attacks this year alone here. A doe will attack if you get too close to her fawn, a cow moose will attack if you get too close to her calf and I’ve had personal experience with that as a cow moose chased me a short distance back to my pickup truck while out hunting. Yes, there have been people who have lived with bears, wolves, etc, etc, but do not sit and proclaim that a mother bear will not defend it’s cubs as if somebody is dumb enough to believe you it could result in that very person getting killed.

      • Curtis Evans

        yes tom I agree with you I also am a hunter …. and the people who did live with these animals to document them never got to the part about there attacks because they have been mauled to death by them so they never got to that part ….one thing is you can not blame the animals nor in this case the young lady that was attack by the bear but it is a wild animal non the less and even pets have a tendency to attack at times so when you want to doubt that a mother bear will attack when there is somebody between her and her cubs I challenge you to prove all hunters wrong

  • Just the facts

    I feel for the girl, I PRAY for her recovery. But I see all of this about the bear…let me ask you this, would you all be bitching if she went into Africa with a gun hunting and got attacked by a lion?? NO, you’d say, “Well what did she think was gonna happen in the jungle!!!” Would you want the lion hunted down NO. You take certain risks when you go into the wild. Sad as that may be, everyone KNOWS the risks before they enter. This bear did NOT come up on her porch and attack her for no reason…He did not invade her space, she invaded hers!! We have to remember that these are WILD creatures. Called WILD for a REASON. Again, I pray for the girl and wish her a fast and full recovery. This was an accident (YES, in this day of sue happy people and blame, there are still things called misfortune and accidents, with no fault!!!)

    • Ryan

      Easy to say but, you don’t know how you’re going to react to something like that until you’re in the situation. Her father could have shot it but, chose to scare it instead. People chastise the hunters but, he didn’t kill a mother bear. He could have justified the bear killing but, he went a different route. Give these guys a break and look at your own actions. I’m sure we are faulted.

  • Ro

    Hunters are at risk every time you go hunting. Just think anything can happen, but it is that persons right to hunt or not its all up to that individual. We need hunters to keep the eco system in balance. Some need it as another source of food on the table. Some of us want to help out the needy and it is also a great sport. Just remember though that mother bear and her bear cubs when together they are fine, but when separated mother bear is enraged and will do anything to protect her bear cub or cubs. Everyone heed and respect the wild especially mother bear and her cubs. As far as that teen that was attacked I very happy she is ok. You brought a lesson and eye opener to the situation.

      • Mama Bear

        AFTER the attack the GAME COMMISSION was trying to trap the bear. According to some of these comments they wanted to have her tested for rabies, which is BS since everyone agrees the bear simply did what bears do to any threat that gets between them and their cubs. Quite obvious that the bear isn’t rabid.

  • Judy

    Leave the bear alone. It was doing what a wild animal does when it thinks its young are in danger. People need to carry bear spray if they are going into the woods.

  • lolo

    Prayers to this young lady! Having a gun with you has nothing to do with having the reaction time to stop an attack. I am a seasoned hunter and I am doubtful I would possess the reaction time required to pull the trigger as a bear was running at full speed towards me. The bear was only doing what came natural. I hope this young lady gets well soon. This is a rare occurance

  • mdog

    Rule #1
    Never get get between a Mother and her Babies.
    Eyes Widest open at all Times.
    Very Lucky Girl Thank God She’s Alive.
    Please do not Hunt down the Mother.
    Hunt down the Burglar(s) and these Home invader Scum.
    But dont eat them give them to the Police.Alive lol.


    Knowing the girl personally makes it different. I think the bear should be killed if my dog were to bite someone it would have to be put down. the bear population in getting out of control. When the bear start coming in your back yards and attacking you and your family you will look at hunting in a different way.

    • Brandon

      Everytime something like this happens…. You get people who say “these animals are coming into out neighborhoods” and people want them “gone”…. I got news for you all….. Before the lumber companies came in and chopped down the trees and before you hired someone to build your home and neighborhood…. Bears, deer and all animals lived there. That was their home and still is their home. We are the ones that moved in therefore it is our fault as humans for these kind of attacks.

      Same goes for sharks…. Is it reall the sharks fault when you are in the water? The shark isn’t coming up on shore walking to your doorstep and then biting you.

      • Tom Eberlin

        Bull crap. We can’t nor do we want to all live in a city and no the stupid bear has no right to attack anyone. She was not attacking it’s babies. It is a wild vicious half starved animal because there are too many of them. So you and your buddies that agree with you get back on the boat and head back where you came from. The city you are in was also wild habitat at one time and by your logic you shouldn’t live there? Oh wait you can’t get on the boat and move back because that was once wild habitat and your ancestors chased out and killed all the animals that was there too.

    • jo

      So if your dog was defending you and bit someone they should be put down? That bear was doing exactly that, she felt her cubs were in danger and she defended them. Believe me if she had wanted to kill tbe girl she would be dead, she was just warning her away from the cubs.

  • blw

    only if i were god,i would put a whole slue of charges on the individual/s that ran those seasons together. since i am not ,allow me to teach you about money rackets,confusion,what the heck they my as well run all seasons all together! de”ja”vu” God Bless the Girl(human)!

  • imacowgirl

    Glad everyone is okay, girl, bears, everyone. People need to stop their snide remarks. As was stated further up, what would folks have said if she had just been going for a hike? She was in wrong place at wrong time, everyone needs to understands that and get over it. Glad she’s okay!

  • Randy-1

    A reply to loricarter1 . people have abortions to control population or birth control . and yes I do eat bear meat . deer meat wild turkey and so on . I’m glad she is ok . Its natural to protect our young . I would attack and kill to protect mine if I had to …

  • chris

    @loricarter1 yes we eat bear us hunters don’t kill to kill we actually eat what we shoot we don’t waste very much at all do some research!

  • dee

    Glad that she is okay. For those that have rude comments about hunters. Wake up we live in Central PA where the first day of deer season is a school holiday. Yes there is people that don’t like hunting but just remember the meat you buy in the grocery store comes from somewhere. Something was killed to get it in those freezer for you to buy. This was a freak accident . Hunter are aware of this before going out in the woods that there are dangers. I am just happy that this ended on a good note and that she is still here with us.

  • Justin

    Wow really people their is a girl who just hot attacked by a bear and you guys are more worried about talking bad on hunters than on thinking about the girl. It was an accident grow up and deal with it that people hunt. I’m sure their are things you do that people don’t agree with. I hope and pray for a speedy recovery.

  • Ryan

    What would you blame if she was just walking in the woods? She got between a mom and her babies. Blaming hunting is a testament to your ignorance. Hunting feeds families and keep deer populations from causing them to starve from lack of food. If you don’t like hunting then don’t hunt. Do keep your lacking theories to yourself.

    • loricarter1

      Do YOU eat bear? It wasn’t a lacking theory. We don’t go out and hunt people to keep the population down, now do we?

      • Tiffany

        @ loricarter1 if you read above that’s what abortion is for!! I’m not a hunter by any means but at the same time even a city slicker knows that when u go hunting to be aware of ur surrounds at all times and NEVER come between a bear n her cubs. I’m sure that mother bear and her cubs had no idea that young lady was there n I’m positive that young lady had no clue they were coming upon her. Accidents happen everyday. I’m so thankful the young lady is going to be ok and also that the momma bear gets to stay with her cubs….

      • Ryan

        Actually, we do. Its called war. The Germans tried to keep down the number of people called Jews by hunting them. African tribes are still killing each other today. Do you think before you speak? I’m voting no.

  • Ky

    thats just rude hunting is their passion it may not be yours but that’s fine let them do what they wanna do they have that right

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