Skiing and Swimming in 2015

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POCONO TOWNSHIP -- In a little more than a year, a popular ski resort in the Poconos will have a hotel and indoor water park up and running next door.

Work has already begun at Camelback Mountain Resort and the new attraction is getting plenty of support from skiers.

As the snow poured onto Camelback Mountain near Tannersville, so did the fresh concrete as construction crews continue to work on a new attraction located next door to Camelback's Ski Area.

The crews have been working since September on a hotel and indoor water park.

"I think it's pretty cool," said Jaclyn Gayser and Carrie Daniels, both of Easton.

That's the reaction from skiers and snowboarders enjoying Camelback's ski area next door after they hear about Camelback Lodge and Indoor Water Park.

Resort officials announced detailed plans, along with detailed pictures of what the hotel and indoor water park will look like once complete.

The hotel will have more than 400 rooms and the water park will be 125,000 square feet.

"I think it would be interesting to say, ‘I'll go swim. No wait, now I'll go snowboarding,’" said Gayser.

"It's pretty amazing. Then you got the pool on the inside, so when you're done you just come back in and relax. It's pretty awesome," said Dominic Castro of North Carolina.

"That's awesome, especially being from Jersey. I won't have to drive all the way back when I want to come up here and board," said Steve Riley of New Jersey.

Camelback Lodge and Indoor Water Park is expected to open spring 2015 and will create nearly 1,000 full and part-time jobs.