Mail Carrier Thwarts Theft Of Packages

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WILKES-BARRE — Federal postal inspectors say a mailman in Wilkes-Barre stopped a crook from stealing packages from a front porch.

Investigators tell us a mail carrier chased down the thief after he made the delivery Monday afternoon on Barney Street.

Officials with the postal service say the mail carrier got the package back but several letters that were also taken ended up falling into Solomon Creek.

People who live on Barney Street say they are not surprised that their mailman went after the bad guy.

“He’s a real good mailman. He treats everybody good. He’s real kind to everybody. If there’s anything, he’ll help you, with your packages or anything. He’ll help you pick them up and everything else,” said Nancy Kempa.

Postal inspectors say no one was hurt and so far no one has been charged.

Investigators say mail theft is a federal offense and anyone who is missing mail or packages in that part of Luzerne County should call their local post office or USPS inspectors at 877-876-2455.


  • Janet Den Haese Anderson

    kudos to the mail carrier. Another service for the people that the republicans want to disband. Shameful.
    The economy has hit the people in the area extremely hard…but….that’s no excuse for this kind of behavior. Doesn’t Corbett and our elected officials see and know that their behavior of cutting all this funding for the local counties is driving people to desperation? Corbett and his cronies brag about the budget not increasing taxes…oh no…they just kicked the can down to the counties who are forced to raise the taxes to keep operations at a minimum. Do all you people who voted for Corbett and his cronies (gas and oil companies), see how you are partially to blame for these crimes? People are desperate and you just go along on your merry way at the expense of your constituents?

  • Edie

    There are some really dedicated mail carriers & other postal employees. However as anywhere there are some who need an attitude adjustment. That’s the kind I have out of the Clarks Summit Post office.

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