Pole Damaged In Wreck Closes Road

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CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP -- For many drivers in our area, it was slow going on the roadways for hours, starting Sunday night.

In one spot in the Poconos, drivers were re-directed for most of the day after part of a heavily traveled road was closed.

A "road closed ahead" sign on Route 209, outside Brodheadsville, is what many drivers unexpectedly found on their way into the area.

Some drivers ended up confused and pulled over to figure out their next move.

"I got about three miles. I happen to see the cones up, road closed ahead, pulled over and said to my boss, 'I need to meet Billy in Brodheadsville and I don't know where to go,'" said Jim Haubrich of Snydersville.

"I just called a person and he's going to lead me through the back roads," said Paul Boccanfuso of State Island.

A section of road closed on Route 209 was between McIlhaney Road and Greenview Drive outside Brodheadsville.

State police say the reason for the road closure was a pole snapped in half after police say a driver slid off the snowy road, and hit the telephone pole.

Emergency officials say no one was injured in the crash, which happened near an auto body shop called Matt's Garage.

"I came in this morning and I noticed there was an accident last night.  Someone took down the pole and the telephone wires were hanging off the ground.  It was pretty bad,"  said David Glick, a mechanic at Matt's Garage.

There was still a variety of winter weather sticking around in the western section of Monroe County at noon. The roads were wet with some slushy areas. Snow covered parts of the ground as well, but it's trapped under a sheet of ice.

Many drivers were forced onto the back roads in the area.

The road is expected to reopen sometime Monday night.