Business Wrecked By Suspected Drunk Driver

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HAZLETON -- A Hazleton businessman has to close his doors for a few days after a suspected drunk driver crashed into his building.

It happened at Al's Fashions in Hazleton around 1:45 a.m. Sunday.  Police say they suspect the driver was drunk.

Owner Al Thompson said the crash pulled a porch off its foundation.

"The devastation of the building, I didn't believe a car could do that to move it to move the whole front of the building."

Thompson sells clothing from his store.  Thompson explained he’s losing money because of the crash.

"It's going to put me out of business for a couple of days maybe a week, so I can get it opened back up again."

Travis Thompson is Al's son. He feels bad for his dad.

"Small businesses are struggling the way it is and to have days where you can't open up to the public." Thompson said.

Travis Thompson lives about a half a block away. He heard the car crash into the store.

"It was a loud boom, I thought that it was a garbage truck and the cable broke and the dumpster fell to the ground or something, but it was loud!." Thompson explained.

Although charges have not been filed yet, Travis said he's convinced the driver was drunk.

"He was pretty insistent that we don't call the cops or anything and I said ‘listen, buddy, it's my father’s building, I`ll call who I want to call.’"

Court records show that this is not the driver’s first run-in with the law. Earlier this year he was cited in Beaver Meadows with driving without a license, registration, and speeding.