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Central PA Reacts to Alleged “Thrill Killers”

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CHAPMAN TOWNSHIP -- Troy LaFerrara lived in a quiet corner of Snyder County where many of his neighbors were Amish, but that didn't protect him from the dark corners of the internet.

Police said newlyweds Elyette and Miranda Barbour of Selinsgrove were looking on for someone to kill together for a thrill.

In the quiet hills near Port Treverton people who knew the victim and his family are stunned.

"Evil is all over, it is," said Nancy Sholley, who lives next door to the victim's house. "I just really feel sorry for (his mother) Harriet, she is a nice woman, we have always thought a lot of her, just really my heart goes out to her, I also lost a daughter, so I know. "

In Sunbury where Laferrara's body was found, police are now getting calls from reporters around the country.

As people shop for the holidays along Market Street, the crime is the talk of the town.

Sunbury resident John Mickey said, "It's surprising, and it is shocking, and it is unfair, the man had a family, it's devastating, it really is."

"You just need to be cautious of what you are doing and stay off of Craigslist," said Joe Zimmerman of Northumberland.

Police said the alleged killers recently moved to Central Pennsylvania from North Carolina.

How and why the couple picked this community is still a mystery.

"It is hard to imagine something like that happening in this town. What people are thinking, is beyond me," said Wilford Haupt of Sunbury.


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  • Joe Schmoe

    Staying off of Craigslist is not the answer. I use Craigslist and have everyday for 4-5 years. It’s a matter of what youre actually doing on Craigslist. 42 year old man getting in a car, most likely at night with an 18 year old girl… Something’s amiss. It doesn’t deserve death, what was he doing?

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