Man Killed After Meeting Couple on Craigslist

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SUNBURY -- A second person is facing homicide charges in a case where a body was dumped out of a car and into someone's yard, and police said the it was all for a thrill.

Elyette Barbour, 22, of Selinsgrove was arraigned Friday night. He and his 18-year-old wife are behind bars.

Barbour is charged with criminal homicide for the death of Troy Laferrara, 42.

Laferrara`s body was found in a backyard of Catawissa Avenue in Sunbury in November with several stab wounds.

On Tuesday police made their first arrest in the case, charging Elyette`s wife, Miranda, with homicide.

Police said Miranda told them she met Laferrara through the online site, they then met up on November 11, and Miranda drove Laferrara to Sunbury.

Miranda told investigators she stabbed Laferrara when he put his hands around her neck.

Now police said her husband Elyette told them the night Miranda met Laferrara, he was hiding in the back seat of her car under a blanket.

When Miranda stopped in Sunbury, Elyette put a cord around Laferrara`s neck while Miranda stabbed him repeatedly.

Elyette told police they dumped the body then drove back to Selinsgrove.

Police said Elyette told investigators they killed Laferrara because the couple just wanted to kill someone together. Police said they tried to kill other people in the past but were not successful.


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  • dwcg

    Do unto other as you would have others do unto you. It would only be fair if they die and a family member of the victim should have the option of performing this duty. I would loan them the gun if needed.

  • Kari Bird

    So this is not the 1st time they tried to kill. This is clearly a mental issue. I’m not a fan on killing. These two evil people need to be locked up for the rest of their lives away from others. Put them in a room alone with nothing but a jail house bed, toilet, shower and that’s it. Don’t let them have any access to the world or people in it even family. Let them grow old and alone.

  • N.

    The next time we as parents strike, scream at and disrespect our children, remember, that child will be an adult one day. We have the responsibility to do the best job we can to raise caring, kind and respectful members of society. Only God has the right to end a life, not a damaged human being and not the judicial system. The killers’ sentence should be life without parole.

  • campman

    No one is asking that question, because only a moron would ask that question. Of course he was looking for a young hottie, but she was 18. I swear the frikkin idiot comments I read from people.

    • Joe Schmoe

      It’s a legitimate question campy. 18 or not, if the girl was posing as a call girl and the guy was going after that, bad choices compounded with worse choices.

  • Wendy Bauman

    I would like to take this time to give a shout out to the Sunbury Police job very well done, but I feel these 2 should not spend the rest of their lives in jail it would be a waste of tax payers money, they deserve the DEATH PENALTY !!! My thoughts and prayers go out to the man’s family whose life was taking by these 2 monsters !!!!

  • Millie

    It always baffles me when small-town people say, “Things like that just don’t happen here.” Human depravity is universal. I lived in Chicago where things like this were daily occurrences. Sunbury is a sheltered, narrow town.

  • Gregg Mensch

    got to hand it to our police dept. they did there job very well. as for the 2 young people, they wrote the book on stupid, and they sure don’t deserve to live life in some prison.

  • turbocrusher

    Super scary story. There is darkness and danger everywhere. But the good news is that these two will never be able to do this again. They were caught young and will probably never be paroled. I want to say a special prayer for the victim. I honor him for ridding the streets and our nation of another pair of psychokillers.

  • Jolina

    Wow! Craigslist can be such a valuable tool, it is too bad there are people like this that ruin it for everyone else. My only thought is that this is the result of a society that wants nothing to do with God. So sad…

  • Nicole

    Scum bags!! They’re both going away for the rest of their lives! They wanted to see what it was like…they’re about to find out what the consequences are like now!!

  • joe mariano

    They better check every possible moves that Elyette and his wife have done in the past because I would bet this was not the first time they done this act .

  • chet bugaski

    Until there is a serious effort to rid NEPA of the criminal element,all the money, time and energy for “downtown revitalizations” and the like will never succeed.

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