Getting Prepared For Threatening Weather

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HAZLETON -- People in Luzerne County are preparing for whatever wintry weather comes.

A whole truckload of ammunition to fight the storms was delivered to the Hazleton Department of Public Works.   From there crews are ready to salt and if necessary plow more than 100 miles of roads and alleys in the city.

“It takes a good three hours to get around to all the routes one time with all the guys going through different sections of town,” explained Hazleton DPT worker Sal Scatton. “People, bear with us when it gets icy like that. We slide on the ice. People don't understand that they think our trucks don't slide.  Give us room, stay back.”

A sign proclaims Freeland as the highest borough in the state of Pennsylvania, almost 2,000 feet above sea level.  That kind of elevation usually means the worst of wintry weather.

“We get the most snow than anybody. It might be raining at the bottom of the mountain and in drums and we could get five to six inches, maybe 17, you never know. It's just colder up here,” said Freeland DPW worker Lorne Rish.

Freeland crews say they too are ready to keep the streets safe for drivers.

“You’re watching the national weather and you can see it coming.  It’s coming right at us.”

Danny Pope knows what he’s going to do about the storms.

“I think enough of them that I am going to stay home, if you don't have to go out. That’s what I think,” said Danny Pope of Butler Township.