Father Charged With Abusing Child In Columbia County

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CATAWISSA -- A father in Columbia County faces several charges after police say he abused his 2-month-old son.

When the child was taken to a hospital in October, investigators say he was covered in bruises and had some fractured bones.

Matthew Sacks, 25, of Locust Township told investigators he did not abuse his son but there may have been a few instances when he was too rough with the infant by accident.

Sacks turned himself in Friday morning and was arraigned in district court in Catawissa.

“I have nothing to say right now,” Sacks said outside district court.

He faces a list of charges including aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child.  Police say Sacks abused his infant son in October.

According to court papers, the baby was taken to the hospital because he was not eating.  Doctors found multiple broken bones and bruises on the baby boy.  Police say this is not the first time Sacks is accused of abusing one of his children.  In 2008, Sacks admitted to abusing his 4-month-old daughter.  Sacks was forced to attend parenting and anger management classes.

He was unable to post bail and was taken to the Columbia County jail.  Sacks is scheduled to appear in court later this month.


  • iSay

    I know him. He is not this horrible person you all are making him out to be. He admitted his faults the first time, and did what was necessary. Since then he has gotten his daughter (who loves her time with him) and he hasn’t done anything wrong. My question is, why wasn’t the mother investigated? She has self-proclaimed depression, and with the hormones after having a child… mothers hurt their children too (whether they mean to or not). And, she also said her father or stepfather abused her as a child, so if the baby is around her relatives, then why is all of the accusations being placed on the baby’s father? Simply because of the prior that he admitted to? It’s just not right. The mother is messed up in the head, so why isn’t her life being ruined as well?

  • Brian

    What scumbag piece of trash would have a kid with this guy? “Hey, I abused my 4-month old in 2008, but can we have a kid? The “mother” should have her head examined AND arrested for not reporting the FIRST time a bruise appeared! She is just as culpable. People don’t get it! Don’t get it! I don’t care what sort of mental issues you have! You 1.) get help; or 2.) Overcome. Period. Beat and bruise a helpless child?! Your second chance just left town.

  • getitright

    This is just mind blowing since I know him. this man has tourettes this was not mentioned also he was charged in 2008 but if it was so true why did he still get his daughter weekly if he was such a risk. Othr things need looked into and why did thia second woman have a child with this man knowing his mental illness and backgrounds I’ll was around him all the time and he never was abusive to his daughter.

    • Sundown

      So many factors in play, however, no excuses for this, they should once and for all throw the book at this guy and end any chance of him being around children; period! Too bad you cannot sterilize such individuals! I know a few people with Tourette’s and in the case of tourette’s, there are a plethora of issues, one; impulse control, two; many variants of abnormal behaviors; and three; either the meds don’t work, or make things worse. Fourth? the only success that I am aware of for many of these people is cognitive therapy which can be difficult given those who have tics even mild are so self-conscious any kind of expectation to not tic or not say something or do something they shouldn’t makes things worse. They are more often than not, good with young children.

  • Katy

    I am a mother of 3 children and it is a FACT- There is NO WAY you could bruise and break bones of a 2 month old by holding the baby the wrong way! A Newborns’ bones are extremely flexible and pliable and remain that way for quite some time. It takes quite a bit of force to break a 2 month olds bones! This man should be hung- old school style in center square. Make a good example of him! What a horrible shame!

    • Question

      Not quite, when I was a baby I would bruise very easily. I mean, did they test the baby to make sure it doesn’t have a generic disorder or something? Especially being born a month early. I just know not all hospitals do all the tests that they should and they should do every single test they can think of to make sure that the baby is alright before it even leaves the first time.

  • Question

    Question: In the paper it has that the mother said that she was taking the baby to relatives of hers instead of leaving him at the house…So what else other then that changed between the last visit to the hospital (when they said the baby was being abused) and the time before that when the hospital didn’t even think there was abuse?

  • Onlyneedhalf

    I only need half the truth. Don’t care what else has happened any grown man that could abuse and injure a baby like this is a coward lowlife who should be sterilized.

    • HalfTruth

      Even if the truth is he just held the baby to tight trying to feed it, injuring it without meaning to? (Sadly not everyone knows how to hold a baby.) Believe me I hate seeing crap like this but I at least like it being the truth. If it is abuse he shouldn’t be near any child ever, if it is not knowing how to hold a baby, well he just shouldn’t hold a kid till he knows how. That’s what I mean by half truth saying something happened but just guess at how.

  • HalfTruth

    What this does not say is that the baby was born a month early and was taken to the hospital 5+ times before the last one yet they didn’t say anything about abuse then. One thing i hate about reporters and news like this is that they don’t even try to get the whole thing, only that part that makes a better story.

  • Mike

    What a sorry excuse for a human being. He should never be aloud around children again for their safety. How can he even feel like a man?

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