Women WWII Vets Remember Pearl Harbor

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ESPY -- Pearl Harbor is a day these dozens of World War II veterans in Columbia won’t ever forget, even 72 years later.

The Susquehanna Valley World War II vets gathered for their monthly luncheon near Bloomsburg, but marked this Pearl Harbor anniversary by honoring local women behind the war effort.

"A lot of people don't understand that there were a lot of women in the service during the second World War, plus a lot of other women that flew airplanes and did a lot of other things,” said Susquehanna Valley World War II Veterans Group member John Paul.

These ladies say helping serve their country was something they wanted to sign up for.

"When I got out of high school I thought here I am sitting here with nothing to do,” said Betty Laubach of Berwick.

Laubach joined the Navy and says the experience was one she enjoyed.

"I packed parachutes, yes, parachute packer,” said Laubach.

"I did the codes, the dispatches that come in for the officers, I handled those plus I made the coffee," said Daisy Burka of Berwick.

Now decades later these women share laughs and stories, looking back at photos like it was yesterday – remembering just how important their roles were.

"We were, we were needed, it was necessary what we did and they appreciated what we did.  They took good care of us," said Charlotte Long of Mount Carmel.

And for some, Pearl Harbor even brought them closer to the ones they loved.

"My ex-boyfriend's ship came through Pearl Harbor and that's how we got back together again, and I married him," said Helen Rescorla of Scranton.

Now as these women all are about 90 years old, these stories still keep these vets feeling young.

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