The Last Day Of The Golf Season

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WILKES-BARRE -- Looking at the forecast for winter weather's return had many golfers in our area believing this is the last day of the golfing season this year. That had some courses busy, including two in Luzerne County that saw very different kinds of weather.

Wilkes-Barre Golf Course is perched on a mountaintop and that was socked in by fog.

"I figured it would be nice, it would be my last day of the year up here.  Supposed to 50 or 60 degrees but not up here, must be like 40 or something like that,” said Joe Giza of Larksville.

Giza saw the forecast that this would be the last warm day for a while, maybe the year, but this big blanket of fog had a different idea.

"I'm staying out ‘til dark. This is my last day. So I figure I'll stay as long as they'll let me stay."

Dozens of golfers tried to find their way through the fog and not lose their golf balls in it. Most came from much better weather at home.

"100 percent difference, everybody coming up to the course couldn't believe what they saw up here compared to downtown.  It's nice and warm down there.  It's now it's in the 50s down there,” said Mike Lyons of Wilkes-Barre.

Other golfers had the same idea.  Ed Brennan and his buddies left Wilkes-Barre Muni when they could barely see it.

"Had to turn around and come back downtown and go someplace where we could actually see where our ball goes."

Four Seasons Golf Club in Exeter is open year round if weather permits. Here it really was in the 50s and the place was packed before the cold comes back to stay.

"Once you get the snow cover, if it doesn't go away, you're done,” Brennan said.

"Oh, it's gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. I’m not dressed too heavily with the clothes, I feel good.  I'm going to play nine more holes and maybe nine more afterwards. We'll see what happens,” Charlie Lewerd of Clarks Summit.