Police Called To Protest At McDonald’s Near Pittston

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PITTSTON TOWNSHIP – The lunchtime rush at one McDonald’s in Luzerne County got a bit rowdy, when a dozen protestors walked out of the restaurant holding up signs and chanting that fast food workers deserve better pay.

A McDonald’s manager called police officers, who threatened protestors with criminal charges or citations if they refused to leave the franchise property, along route 315 in Pittston Township.

“On the roadway, anywhere near here is very dangerous. Like I said, I have to protect everybody, McDonald’s and the people protesting,” said Pittston Township Police Chief Robert Avvisato.

Chris Sloat told Newswatch 16 that she and other union and labor representatives organized the rally, but she says McDonald’s employees did not join the protest out of fear of being fired.

“I have two children of my own that are both working at a fast food place. Between their student loans, I think they`re never going to leave home because they can`t afford to pay that,” said Sloat. “After taxes, you`re talking $800 to $900 a month for 40 hours a week.”

Some people who saw the protest said that fast food workers are being fairly paid for the job tasks and education requirements.

Other people told Newswatch 16 that educated and older workers making minimum wage should fight for better pay.

“Manager of every company that`s in control of the money, they want their employees to be happy and they want to make money. But sometimes the two don`t parallel,” said Jimmy Van Dover of Equinunk.


  • Nic

    I believe that what should be considered with the lower waged franchises is that they should be marketing their jobs for those of younger ages and less work experience. McDonald’s is not an ideal job for an adult who has to provide for their family and pay several bills.

  • randy green

    I do not like the out com of this not getting paid enough worked over twenty years started 3. 35 hour end at 15 hour not fair r.g

  • Scott Williams

    The problem here is people have lost touch with who is supposed to be working fast food jobs. Fast food jobs are for students who work after school and on weekends, the second paycheck in the house moms work during weekdays while the kids are in school, and senior citizens fill in the blank spots in between. No one is supposed to be able to live off of a fast food job aside from the managers. It is for young people who are just learning how to be part of the workforce and it is for others who want to make ends meet without working full time.

  • keith

    Id go with the…. its a job comment. Its better than nothing. Be happy you even get 40 hours. Try working in a place that doesn’t even offer full time. So I have no medical coverage or anything. Im still staying cause its a job. So many people are without jobs. This economy sucks, but I m still holding on to the little bit I have. Budget, Spend less. Make Christmas about family, not gifts. Things like that will save you a lot of money in the end. People need to start being thankful for what they have. If its such an issue, Go somewhere that pays. But with that being said, most places need education, and with education, comes a huge bill, which equals out to the same.

  • LV

    Wow, Janet, you seem to be just plain bitter!! Insulting people goes a long way in being successful..right? You mention the “corporations” over and over. Do you not realize that most of these establishments are local franchises, owned by our neighbors. Years ago, my husband could not find a “decent job” here, so we made the decision for him to join the military and accepted all of the sacrifices that came with that decision, Twenty years later, he had the education and expertise to get a good job, here in NEPA. My point is, people need to find ways to improve their situations. These jobs in fast food should serve as a spring board to either grow with that company or gain business experience to get a better job.

  • Ws

    I started working in the natural gas industry the day after I graduated high school. I had no knowledge, nor did I have any pipe welding experience. I went to their show up one day and went to every welder and threw myself at them until one took me as his helper. Now I have a house, OWN my 2013 truck, and many other toys, and make upwards of 4,xxx a week, oh and I’m not even 20. From my impressions, majority of the people that work in major fast food chains settle for that job. I know friends that will take that job, and never look for anything good again. Take some initiative and go look for a job. I would love yo see a future pipe welder hound me for a job, it shows he wants it, and I would hire him on the spot.

  • titusf1lm

    You can protest all you want it, wont change a thing. Yes its sucks if your trying to support a family on min wage and yes it sucks that you have to deal with people flipping out over stupid stuff. But its a job and there will be someone who will die to at least have a job. is everyone who supports raising min wage brain dead because I am sorry but you raise they pay cost goes up on everything. so you’ll just be making 10 a hour every one else will want and get a raise then the value of the us dollar will drop and everything will go up even more. So even if you win you just going to end up losing in the long run because you’ll just be in the same spot as you are now

  • Eleyn

    Ok come on… I understand that it’s not a lot of money, but it’s a fast food restaurant. It isn’t rocket science. I believe they are paid fairly based on the education requirements and job description. If the employees want to be paid more, they should try to find a better job. I understand that some of you are saying there “aren’t better jobs out there” but I can assure you there are. And if there aren’t, well, that’s life. You can’t just force a company to raise your pay because it isn’t good enough for you. That’s not how a job works. YOU work for THEM, not the other way around. They don’t have to bend to please you. You chose to subject yourselves to this kind of pay, you have to accept it.

    • Connie


      On the flip side.. The people that own these FAST FOOD ESTABLISHMENTS that are making billions and billions of dollars, where their profits are 90% to the 10% payout of their employees that struggle to live week to week and pay for their basic necessity’s. I see no issue with them requesting a 80% to 20% or 70% to 30% payout which would be equivalent to $8.25-$9.25 per hour. At least they have the initiative to go and get the job that everyone else thinks their to good for rather then sitting on their butts and depending on welfare and the rest of the American citizens. i.e. tax paying citizens to pay their way and support them.

    • Connie

      Tina you really can not be serious. Well considering your so educated on Franchising you must know that at least 40-50% of the profits from annual sales are sent directly back to the Franchise for the use of their name and exclusive rights to their business. So the whole “it may be your neighbor thing” really is only true to a point!!! ! I know they take at least $300-$400 out of my paycheck every two weeks so imagine what they take out of their checks and I only make $10.80 a hour. So the working middle class citizen “backbone of our nation” are bearing the biggest brunt and being paid the least. When it comes down to making a decision of paying the electricity the rent or the heat bill, (our heat is off right now and 3 months pregnant and also disqualify for Liheap because we have not heating bill LOL get it?) for the month or $100-$150 a week in gas to get to work to make the money, ask yourself is it fair to make welfare guideline pay when you devote 40+ hours a week of your life and potential family time to making everybody else money. If that fair?!
      I pray for the day that reality hits you!

    • Margaret

      I am a divorced mother of 3… I had a decent job till my EX thought he wanted something better and my life was turned up side down… I lost my decent job and am struggling every day to make things work… Between my less then 100 bucks a month and the little child support I do get I can’t tell you how I WISH I could find a better job… If you know of any in North Eastern Pa that will be able to work around my kids hours and such please please feel free to drop me a line and let me know…

  • Tom Johnson

    These jobs were never meant to be a job where you raised a family on. I worked in a restaurant for several years in high school and college. I learned a lot, helped with my college expenses and had some bucks for Saturday night. I moved on to a more challenging, financially rewarding job. You’re putting cheese on cheeseburgers for God’s sake you’re not doing brain surgery.

    • Janet Den Haese Anderson

      you see the problem is that people like yourself have no idea of what slave labor is. People who begrudge others are just jealous and believe that these people are getting something that they are NOT getting. Is that your problem? You make less and have oh so humbly just accepted your lot in life? Well, there are millions that don’t and won’t. These corporations are NOT people, or do you agree that they are? They and all other large major corporations are trying to dictate our lives because they have money and power. Well, guess what? The people are finally getting their acts together and taking on the “takers” in this country. They, the corporations and the extreme wealthy are the true takers.

    • Connie

      Sense were bringing GOD into this is one slave worth more then the another? Aren’t we all the same in GOD’S eyes? I pray for mankind!

  • Randy E

    If you want better pay do a better job. Go above and beyond and if you get nowhere, then it’s time to move on. Yeah yeah… no jobs out there my butt. I have been trying to hire for the past 2 years and get two or three resumes that look like a kid did them with crayons. Yes, I should hire you and pay you 15.00 an hour. Sometimes you need to move to get a job. It’s not the 70’s. So tired of this crap. #whyshouldipay10bucksforamcrib

  • Ashley

    This just shows why these people get paid/have the jobs they do. They are not smart enough to think of the effects. Those of us that EARNED those types of wages would demand raises since we worked to get there and moved up. Making us ALL get paid more- Employer costs would go up, meaning the product they sell going up in cost. Guess what were back in the same boat begging for an increase AGAIN…..how about working harder, getting promoted, changing jobs and earn a raise. Stop begging for handouts!

    • Janet Den Haese Anderson

      like where? Where in this area of PA. are there any decent paying jobs with benefits. You people have just settled into your lives of having nothing believing that you weren’t meant to have anything and anyone who fights for more is looking for a handout. Well last time I checked WORKING for a wage was not a handout? Get a life

  • anonymous

    I am in favor of the McDonald’s workers. I am a former Restaurant Manager and I know first hand that the employees are literally overworked and underpaid. Between fueling a car, feeding a family, paying basic bills, this is not enough for these employees! I think they are the driving force of communities and deserve better recognition and better pay! People on unemployment that refuse to get a job because they’re lazy are making out better than an employee doing 40+ hours on minimum. I hope and prey all fast food workers get what they deserve! I know the #’s first hand and there IS money to spare to ensure your workers are happy, more-productive which will generate MORE profit!

  • JB

    Between slimy lawyers looking to make a quick buck over a debit card, and union organizers trying to jusify their positions, i wouldn’t blame the local Mc Donald’s franchise owner if they said enough is enough, close down, and put the 1500 people they employ in their restaurants out of work. They give young kids and older workers a chance to learn and earn. Why are they being made out to be the bad guy!?

    • Elizabeth

      We live on about $400 a week. We are a family of 6. It’s tight but we do it. We’ve learne to make voices that allow us to do this. My husband works outside-large landscaping projects (retaining walls and such), tree service, coal delivery..that sort. When the weather is too severe he doesn’t work so some weeks are tighter than others.

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