More Dogs Found Dead in Garbage Bags

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  • chris

    I agree these scum bags need to be stopped.My dog has been missing since Sept and some scum bag called me claiming he ran over her and had her body in the trunk of his car.Then he said it was a joke thought it would be funny. These people are a poor excuse for humans.

  • Jeff Struchko

    i agree with both of you its only matter time they are caught we need tougher laws against people that they think they can get away with this i say give them the most sever punichment any one can get to fullest extent of the law. the abuse of animals needs to stop i hope one day the law will change for the better. we need a animal abuse law in every state 2 register as a abuser by law 3 if found gulity by law lose all rights to owing any animal reguard less 4 pay medical bills of animal cat dog no matter what breed 5 any law inforcement can follow you around if they suspet your up to no good and can arrest you right on the spot.

  • ksyxx

    Whatever scumbag did this to these poor animals deserves to be stuffed into garbage bags themselves and left to die.

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