Mia Nonnenberg Making Her Mark

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Mia Nonnenberg is back in the water training for her upcoming senior season at Scranton Prep. Her accomplishments in 2013 off the charts with several new District II records and a state title in the 500 meter freestyle, throw in eight medals in the Mid-Atlantic Junior Olympics and a shining show of strength at the Junior Nationals. With her college choice to attend Alabama next fall out-of-the-way Mia is motivated for more.

"It was definitely a tough decision probably the biggest life decision that I've made so far, but I'm really happy I like what I saw with the coaches seemed to be the best I've heard so far and it's just something I want to be a part of," said Mia Nonnenberg.

"I think it was the best choice for her. I think she made it on decisions based on her future goals and making the highest level that she can go which is the Olympics and that's a big deal for her," said Joe Thier.

In the mornings Mia Nonnenberg is in the pool as part of her Scranton Prep team, at night she comes back here to the University of Scranton to swim for her Blue Dolphin Aquatic Club Team. It's all that hard work paying off for Mia as she tries to set new District II records this season.

"I'm primarily a distance swimmer so I probably stick to something of that nature that's the longest event. We'll see we haven't really sat down and thought totally about what my plans are for the end of the season," again said Mia.

History will show that Nonnenberg is one of the best swimmers in District II history, if not the best ever, but that's not a concern for Mia or Coach Thier.

"I don't know. I don't think all that stuff matters to her. She really given some great shows especially over the summer she had some outstanding things happen making Olympic trial cuts and us open cuts those we're big game busters for her," again said Joe.