Stray Bullet Narrowly Misses Sleeping Girl At Sherman Hills

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WILKES-BARRE -- A stray bullet almost hit a sleeping girl at a troubled housing complex in Wilkes-Barre.

Police said a gun accidentally went off in an apartment in Sherman Hills on North Empire Court around 3 a.m. on Wednesday.

Authorities said the bullet went through the floor of an upstairs apartment and hit the floor, just a few feet away from a girl sleeping in bed.

Wilkes-Barre Police said the gunshot appears to be an accidental discharge, but officers are still investigating the circumstances.

Kiyara Gause told Newswatch 16 that she is upset by the way the property managers have been handling the crime issues at Sherman Hills, after her 6-year-old daughter was nearly hit by the stray bullet.

"I heard a boom! I got up to see and I looked up on the ceiling and I saw a hole on the wall. I looked down on the floor and I saw a little bullet,” said Gause. "They need to do something like put some cameras in the buildings, lock the building, put some security guards, something. Because we got kids in this neighborhood and it's sad that I can`t be in my own house. I`m not safe in my own house.”

Officials with the Department of Housing and Urban Development says it is up to local law enforcement and the property managers of private, federally-subsidized low income housing complexes to decide if tenants can keep guns on the property.

An official with HUD, and a representative for the Wilkes-Barre Police Department, said it’s unclear if tenant’s leases restrict or ban firearms at Sherman Hills.

The owners of Sherman Hills did not return calls from Newswatch 16.

Several people who live at Sherman Hills said they believe that tenants should not be allowed to keep guns on the property.

"If people keep acting like this and can`t control themselves, they really shouldn`t have guns because apparently, they are very irresponsible with weapons,” said Kaiti Henchenski.

"Well it's America. So if you got the permit, I guess. I wish they wouldn`t,” said Yolanda Lee.

Police have not yet publicly identified the person who fired the shot, or said if any charges or citations will be filed.
Gause told Newswatch 16 that her daughter is unharmed and that she went to school just a few hours after the incident in Luzerne County.

Sherman Hills has come under fire after a recent rash of crimes.


  • Alexis Elizabeth Drob

    The tenenants that are law abiding citizens should be bring a lawsuit against the owners / landlords of this dump of the city!!! Maybe then the owners/ landlords will finally get the messege that enough is enough!!

  • Avoca

    I agree that place is long overdue for an overhaul. But banning guns, enacting a gun-free zone or whatever else you want to call it, will not physically keep criminals from bringing guns onto the property. I don’t know how hard it is to process that people. The only ones that would obey a law like that would be those obeying the law in the first place. All that would do is remove the ability for the handful of innocent in that place to protect themselve. Next suggestion.

  • hope

    If they are living there off government money.. (Welfare).. They should Never be allowed to have gun rights! That’s a privilege .. Save the drama and Close it down…

    • ksyxx

      Wrong the free handouts are a privilege, gun rights are just that rights . They are endowed by the creator and protected by the Conustution of this once great nation. The only reason that the right can be taken away is if a court convicts the person a a felony, mentally defective or for being an irresponable jackass as is the case with this moron in Sherman Hills. That doesn’t mean everyone should be stripped of their basic right to self defence because of a few criminals.

  • Deb Payson

    When does this rise to the level basic failure to protect tenants for the owners of this private complex? It would seem to me the residents in and around this area have a case against these landlords for failing to meet the reasonable standards of quiet enjoyment.

    • ksyxx

      Hambone you should learn gun laws before making sarcastic remarks. One does not need a license to carry in their own home or private property where they have permission to be. And in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvainia they have what is called open carry law. Which means any person who is not barred from owning a firearm may openly carry firearm where ever they have a legal right to be. With the exception of govt buildings ans secure areas of airports and private property that has been posted no firearms.

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