Woman Charged With Stabbing Death In Sunbury

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SUNBURY -- An 18-year old woman is locked up in Northumberland County on homicide charges for allegedly stabbing a man to death.

The body of Troy LaFerrara was found dumped in a backyard in Sunbury last month.

Miranda Barbour, 18, was led outside a magistrate's office in Sunbury, facing homicide and other related charges for the stabbing death of Troy LaFerrara.

LaFerrara's body was found in this backyard on Catawissa Avenue in Sunbury last month. Investigators say he had been stabbed about 20 times.

Norm Koch lives across the street.

“I just, I couldn't believe it, couldn't believe it. I had a call from one of my neighbors that first alerted me to it, what had happened and you're kidding that doesn't happen here, that's unheard of,” said Koch.

Police say Barbour met LaFerrara through craigslist, an online classified advertising site.

The night of November 11, police say LaFerrara and Barbour met in the parking lot of the Susquehanna Valley Mall with LaFerrara getting into her car.

Barbour said they drove to Sunbury where LaFerrara began touching her and putting his hand around her neck.

That's when Barbour said she started stabbing him, then dumped him in that yard on Catawissa Avenue by letting him fall out of her car.

Police say Barbour lives at a house on North Water Street with her husband in Selinsgrove.

She told police she would sometimes meet men on craigslist who wanted companionship with a female and she would be given money in return.

“It's surprising. You just don't think of that in this area, maybe in the city, not here. It's a shame, it's unfortunate,” said Koch.

Barbour was denied bail.

She has a preliminary hearing set for December 10 in Sunbury.


  • c

    E what makes you trhink shes a loon? this girl may have had family issues growing up. do you know whats going on in her life? i think you should think about things before you say it.

  • Connie Beegle

    I think our police did a great job, to break this crime ! Congrats, to our out standing police Dept. Good job well done.

  • matthew flynn

    In case you all didn’t know it her husband was involved this was premeditated the husband put a cord around his neck then she stabbed him so to all the people on here saying it isn’t true or she did the right thing you are wrong

    • SuperWittySmitty

      The fact it that we’re reading about it and comenting about it with concern and dismay invalidates your claim almost immediately. Maybe you are projecting your own emptiness?

    • Marie

      Apparently you are living under a rock. Just because she is a girl does not mean she is incapable of killing. There have been many women who have killed. In fact, there have even been serial killers that were women. Unfortunately, we live in a society which lack morals and devalues human life. In addition, money is the root of all evil and when money is involved people are capable of doing anything, including killing for money.

      • dsm927

        The vast majority of crimes, especially murders, are NOT commited by women, so it’s okay to make note of it. And money, in and of itself, is NOT evil. It’s the love of money that is the problem (see I Timothy 6:10). If you are going to quote the Bible, try not to leave out some of the words, just because they do not fit your narrative.

  • ME

    Why don’t people stay off of Craigslist? Meeting a stranger and hooking up with someone you don’t know in private, isn’t too smart and since when is putting your hand on someone’s neck grounds for stabbing them to death? Stupidity at work. That’s all this whole scenario is, on both parts.

    • ME

      Yeah, makes perfect sense. Let’s advertise for “companionship” for money, hook up in a car, and then kill the person when they try to get the goods everyone knows goes beyond sitting and talking or going out.
      Yep. perfect sense.

  • Ryan Searfoss

    Serious question: why is ‘Peggy Lee’ writing for publication? Why is someone paying her to submit words for public consumption? There really isn’t anyone in the Scranton/Wilkes area who can do a better job than this? Really? And where are her editors?

    • ME

      Other than the story being without many details (which might not yet be known), there is nothing wrong with this article. Maybe she wants writing experience. If not, I can write WNEP. Email me:-)

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