Supporting Local Businesses This Hawley Day

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HAWLEY -- Small Business Saturday was busy for local retailers in Hawley, Wayne County and those business owners said they hope the good sales trend continues.

"This is the first winter we've been open in a long time and a lot of people are glad that we're open," said Nancy Ubaldi, of Lake and Leisure.

Business owners we spoke with said it is tough to compete with online shopping and big box stores, but they want people to know the importance of supporting local business.

"It becomes a community friendly atmosphere, when you shop locally," said Devon Tugman of D&L Jewelers.

"It's the local people that will call you by your name, will know you for who you are and what your preferences are and they try to develop relationships," said Orlando Marrero of NEPA Lock.

Shoppers we spoke with said they try to shop locally.

"Everyone around here really knows each other, so supporting your friends or whatever if they own a business," said Lacey Kuhlmann of Hawley.

One shop owner said it is all about seeing a familiar face when you go into a store, even if in the end, you do not buy anything.

"They come in here all the time, some come in every day, just to chit chat. That's why I have those two chairs over there. Yep," laughed Beverly Beck of Trading Post Whatnots in Hawley.