Self Defense Claimed In Man’s Stabbing Death

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MAHANOY CITY -- There was new information disclosed Monday about a stabbing in Schuylkill County.  There are indications that the incident may have resulted from a young woman trying to defend herself.

Court papers say a fight this weekend in Mahanoy City between Larry Quinn and Kimberly Hons ended with Quinn dead and Hons claiming it was a case of self-defense.

Police say it started at this home on East Mahanoy Avenue early Sunday.  Court papers say Quinn and Hon got into a fight after Quinn hit Hon's mother. Kimberly Hon said her mother was Quinn’s girlfriend.

"I went into the kitchen to confront him. He got up off the chair and we got into an altercation. He pretty much pinned me against the sink. I tried to find something to get him away from me, that’s when I grabbed the knife and stabbed him in the chest,” said Hons. “He had me by the throat.”

Wayne Holben of Mrs. T's Pierogies said Larry Quinn worked at the factory.

"He was well liked. He was in our production for two and a half years so it's just difficult for people on all levels for those who knew him or didn't know him but he was part of our family."

Kimberly Hons apologized to Larry Quinn's family.

"I am not taking it well at all. I don't have much to say except I am sorry to their family and it was never my intentions to kill anybody."

Officials say an autopsy will be done on Larry Quinn on Tuesday. That could give investigators a better idea if this is a case of self-defense.


  • The Righteous Man

    Ive seen many instances of domestic violence, when someone is being attacked and feel thier life in jeopardy their intent is not to provoke the attacker further by wounding them. This is true especially when the victim is of a considerably smaller stature than the attacker. They often act out in desperation as the looming threat is greater yet. This is comparable to fending off a bear, you can lay there and let it maul you to death or you can go down fighting to the bitter end. When your attacker is under the influence of chemicals they are no different than a crazed animal, no reasoning.

  • Betty Deysher

    I knew Larry, Very nice man. I also know that people are different behind closed doors. I was not their cant say either way. Murder is Murder. He didn’t break into her house, She was in his. She could have just left before it came to this. Also Called 911 from inside the house or from the neighbors. Looked her up this is what i found … So yes she was fined for drugs and alcohol ,,,,,,

    .Kimberly Hons, 32, Mahanoy City, DUI of alcohol and drugs, 72 hours to six months in county prison, fined $1,000, pay $100 to SAE fund, $50 to MCARE fund, $460 to Schuylkill Medical Center (SMC)-South, attend safety schooll, receive outpatient counseling, perform 20 hours community service, and licensse suspended for a year. On a summary charge striking parked vehicles was fined $300; and failing to drive on roadway laned for traffic fined $25 plus $100 in costs. Hons was cited by Mahanoy City Lt. John Kacmarczyk.

    • ??????

      first off it wasnt his house, he lived there w my relative n that was her daugther n she also lived there. if u dont know the whole story and what really went on behind those doors then u shouldnt open ur mouth…. yeah he was a great man when he wasnt drinking total different person when he was.. i seen it w my own eyes. so like i said before u dont know what went on behind them doors.. i say it would be self defense cause if i am fearing for my life i wouldnt be thinking where to stab the person to try to get them off me. she isnt a bad person just cause she has a past history doesnt make her bad everyone f*cked up in their life nobody is perfect… i bet all of u that commented on this aint perfect.. im always goin to stand by my family no matter what… n im not sayin it was good that he passed away i feel bad he did n my thought n prayers do go out to his family. but i also believe what happen is what happened in that house…

  • Daniel

    Don’t know what the facts are but her first mistake is talking to the media!!! Any lawyer would be telling her to shut up and keep shutting up!!!

    • Betty Deysher

      I didnt know her, but u did …. Dont worry what anyone else says. u know more about them then we do .. God Bless you and May Larrys MURDER be procuitted to the fulliest extent !!!!!!!!!!!! Hell if she gets away with it. I guess other people can use that excuse too

  • Ball Drainer

    The amount of liberal “Just be a victim” bullcrap in this comments section is sickening. These are the same kind of scumbags who blame a woman for the shiner on her eye…..

  • mj

    Murder!!!!! This girl should not be on the streets. I do not even know where to begin poking holes in her story. Where are the bruises on her neck? This girl can hardly form a proper sentence. She said there wasn’t much being said??? Has anyone ever heard of a silent argument before? That had to be a pretty intense silent argument to end it with murder! If he was abusing them couldn’t the mother just call the cops? If the police cannot see this screams bullshit we should hire a whole new force because they aren’t doing their job correctly. Don’t you think they should at least detain her? She is a risk to our safety!

    • who cares

      Kudos to you mj! Somebody agrees. The story is shady and something’s not right. where was her mother? Why grab a knife and go under his armto his chest and not his arm which would have been the closet part of him to her. why wasn’t her mother already on the phone with 911? makes no sense at all! Shame on this police force for not asking these questions!

  • Gjb

    BS!!!! If I feel my life is threatened I am not going to waste time trying to figure a way to badly hurt somebody (enough that they can’t kill me) but not enough to kill them. If you decide to lay your hands on someone be prepared to deal with the consequences whatever they may be.

    • who cares

      Murder is murder . If someone is choking you, are you really going to go for the chest or for wherever you can get. I’m sorry but going for the chest seems a little much when his arms would have been blocking his chest. also I guess her mother wasn’t trying to help get a man off her daughter. this story makes zero sense.

      • Gjb

        Allrighty then you can die if you are ever in that situation while you try to knick his elbow… I personally will choose my own life every time!

  • who cares

    Makes me so mad when others say they murdered someone out of self defense. there are ways to injure people enough to get them to stop without killing them. if this man had her by her throat she had to go under his arms to get to his chest to stab him when she could’ve just got his arm. she killed somebody and deserves prison .

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