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In-Store Shopping on Cyber Monday

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WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP -- While thousands click to find the best deals online this Cyber Monday, there are still plenty who are flocking to the malls.

Anyone who has an email account probably woke up to dozens of emails about Cyber Monday deals, but we found that cyber Monday is still a busy day for stores at the Wyoming Valley Mall, where plenty of people say they'd rather shop in person.

Stroll through the Wyoming Valley Mall in Wilkes-Barre Township, and it's clear the holiday season is here. There's Santa and decorations and sale after sale after sale.

"I had the day off so I decided to start my Christmas shopping."

But on this Monday after Thanksgiving, many of the best shopping deals are online as part of Cyber Monday. As it turns out, that doesn't have much of an impact on the mall.

"People like the idea of Cyber Monday shopping online, but to be honest with you, the mall is really busy today," said Wyoming Valley Mall marketing director Joseph Ohrin.

Ohrin says there are just as many deals in stores on Cyber Monday as there are online, and some shoppers say there are other advantages.

"It's easier to just get them while you're there, instead of ordering them."
"And hoping that they'll fit?"
"Right, or that you got to return them or get them in time."

And there's something to be said about having the full mall experience, like photos with a certain someone special. Debbie Halowich of Harveys Lake says her inbox was flooded with emails about Cyber Monday.

"I read them but ignored them because I knew that I would come shopping. I'm just old school, I guess."

The mall marketing director also said a lot of the stores' Black Friday deals carry over to the following Monday. Ultimately, people we spoke with said they want to see and feel the clothes they're buying before they spend their money.

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