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Battling a Blaze in Luzerne County

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NANTICOKE -- A fire in Luzerne County has been ruled accidental, according to fire officials.

The blaze broke out at a house on West Field Street in Nanticoke around 8:30 p.m. Friday.

Authorities said the flames then spread to a second home. Eight people were home, but everyone made it out safely.

The assistant fire chief told us the fire started on the porch of the first house.


  • Charles

    Well Now We Know Who Did It They Should Pay The Owner Was Away At The Time Not Fair That Her Home Went In Flames And Losed EVERYTHING I MEAN EVERYTHING Im So Mad Right Now Its Not Even Funny

  • Bakmtjayare

    The Citizens Voice has reported that this fire was caused by careless smoking. Why doesn’t WNEP know this?

  • Charles

    Frist Off That Is My Friends House And Sec Off How Can That Fire Was accidental When I Know It Wasn’t That Was Uncalled For Its Not Right I Really Think Someone Had It Out For That House And If I Find Out Hell Will Pay TRUST & BELIVE

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