Snowy Situation at Annual Christmas Tree Auction

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EAST BUFFALO TOWNSHIP  -- The biggest Christmas tree auction around got underway early Tuesday in Union County, all while covered in a blanket of snow.

Buyers from Pennsylvania, New York, and beyond trekked through a winter storm for the largest Christmas tree auction around.

About 90,000 Christmas trees were all covered in a fresh coat of snow in Mifflinburg, a snowy situation these buyers don’t seem to mind.

"The people who do this are expecting the weather.  They don’t care.  They here rain or shine or snow or mud, they’ll be here," said Tim Cramer of Waynesboro.

T.J. Baright drove in from New York and plans to haul away a couple hundred trees.  He says no snow storm could keep him at home.

“It’s the only day they have it all year, so we have to come down.  We have a cut your own place at our farm but we also buy some in just to substitute that a little bit,” said Baright.

Ted Komoroski brought down about 1,500 trees from Benton and says this auction is his favorite day of the year where lots of hard work pays off.

“The trees are going for like normally $8, $9, $10 each.  Sometimes they go down as low as $2 or $3.  But you hope to get $8, $9, $10 for your trees and have a merry Christmas,” said Komoroski.

Although all of the snow didn’t seem to stop any buyers from coming to this year’s auction, they do say all of this white stuff is causing them some problems.

"Trees are bringing more money this year because people can’t really get a good look at them,” said Cramer.

Many of these buyers say they are just trying to stick to buying from the farmers they know.  Others say this year’s purchases are a guessing game.

Terry Larson of Turbotville has a few other concerns.

"The snow don’t bother me that much. The only thing is it might slop the trees up a little bit,” said Larson.

Snow, rain or shine – the auction will continue in the morning if any trees are left behind.

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  • Kathleen Dougherty

    This is ridiculous that we have to go to a news item to get to talkback…Joe Snedeker needs to stop telling superintendents how to do their job…The roads were treacherous this morning, and yet he is telling everyone to just go about their day…he specifically said for superintendents not to over react…until later in the forecast when he mentioned that maybe delaying wasn’t a bad idea…big mistake…the roads were treacherous…and Joe needs to not tell superintendents how to do their jobs…I was a huge fan of Joe’s until today…I think he’s mad that he is still not a teacher…Just give the weather, Joe…Keep your opinions to yourself.

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