Mother Nature Makes Tricky Travels in Monroe County

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The slushy conditions on area roadways aren’t helping holiday travelers in Monroe County headed out to their Thanksgiving destinations.

There were plenty of PennDOT crews out and about Tuesday night there was only so much they could do.

Drivers in the Poconos found themselves at the mercy of Mother Nature.

Traffic was snarled along Interstate 380 after several cars skidded off the highway in between the Gouldsboro and Tobyhanna exits in Monroe County.

At least four cars end up in ditches and having to be hauled out by tow trucks.

“I saw a car with its flashers on and then we just hydroplaned," said Michael Vellutato from California. "No one crashed into anyone. Thank God, no one was hurt, but everyone just up and into the ditch,” .

The mixed bag of snow, sleet and rain caused treacherous conditions for those headed out on the roadways.

Many people said they were traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday, including Andrew Leto, who was coming from Binghamton to New York City.

“They`re pretty bad, I seen a couple of accidents, slowed up, slick everywhere,” said Leto. “Yeah just trying to get home, it`s pretty bad out.”

Others were out on the roads for work, like Bill Lloyd, a tractor-trailer driver who had to deal with the bad weather all day.

“Yes, it`s very bad out, I went 300 miles west and 300 miles back east today, it`s treacherous just about all the way so wasn`t a lot of fun today,” said Lloyd.

But for those combating the elements, there was no rest for the weary, including Logan Evans, who was plowing a parking lot in Mount Pocono.

“At least with snow you get a little bit of traction, there`s no traction in this, with snow you can plow it off, quick round of salt and you`re done,” said Evans. “This is just constant, we`ve plowed this off at least three times today.”