Hunter Bags 772-pound Black Bear in Lackawanna County

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COVINGTON TOWNSHIP--*Disclaimer: We want to warn you, some of the video in this story may be upsetting to some viewers.*

Today marked the third day of rifle season for hunters looking to bag a bear this season.

One hunter in Lackawanna County got his this week... a black bear weighing almost 800 pounds.

"I couldn't believe how big it was. It's big," Daniel Beavers of Covington Township said.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission estimates the male black bear weighed 772 pounds.

So far it's the largest bear taken in Pennsylvania this season, and it was shot near Daleville in Lackawanna County.

"I wasn't even going to go hunting. First drive of the morning he just came right out to me and I shot him," Beavers said.

Beavers said the skull of the bear will be measured to see if it breaks a world record.

Meanwhile in Monroe County... we found Edward Nesfeder getting his bear weighed at a station near Tobyhanna.

He says this is his first bear after decades of hunting.

"It's pretty exciting. It's something you don't expect. I've seen other ones in the woods but this is the first one that came close enough," Edward Nesfeder of Allentown said.

Spotting a bear this season hasn't been in everyone's favor.

David Shupe and his brother Phillip haven't had much luck.

"You know we've done our hunting in our younger days and now we're getting to the point where we like being in the woods for excercise. I like seeing the game, if I can see some," David Shupe of Tionesta said.

Some hunters we talked to say the best time to hit the woods to go hunting for bear is when there is lots of snow on the ground.

They say the white stuff really helps when it comes to looking to bear tracks in the woods.

"Yeah this is the best time of weather to be out hunting because at least you can see some tracks in the woods of what's going on and what's moving around," Phillip Shupe of Levittown said.

Officials with the Pennsylvania Game Commission say its been a busy few days at the bear check in station near Tobyhanna.

They expect it to stay that way until the end of the season.

"I think we'll do well. With the bear season running through the deer season, I think hunters will have ample opportunity to harvest a Pennsylvania black bear," Ryan Gildea, wildlife conservation officer with the Pennsylvania Game Commission said.


  • djj58844

    and for all u jerks one of my dogs is basically disabled and nothing can be done for her joints but she loves life and still eats and drinks just cant get the bathroom and shes 110.lbs and i.carry.her dwn steps outside to crap so dnt evet say hunters dnt care about dogs r my life..pick your batles and if u dnt hunt then shut up cuz half the products in ur household are tested on innocent the way i.paid and adopted two dogs from spca whowould be dead without me

    • Rebecca

      I am glad you treat your dogs well. Why not extend the same compassion to all animals? All animals want to live and have every right to do so. Who are we to take away their lives for any reason? Vegans do not use products tested on animals. We are very informed about which companies harm animals. We purchase only cruelty free vegan products. If a bear or a pig or any animal attacked me in an effort to kill me, then I would defend myself. Otherwise there is no good reason to take a life. Haven’t always been this way. Ate poultry and used any old product. Realized about 2 years ago the error of my ways. Would never turn back. Prefer to live a life of compassion and non violence. Check out the films Forks Over Knives and Earthlings. Most of us are unaware of how much pain and suffering we cause. If we canstop doing this, why not? I will say that hunting is the most compassionate way to kill an animal for meat. But it just isn’t necesary or fair to the animals.

      • Steve Sorensen

        If only the people who are against hunting understood what they were talking about. The truth is this: In nearly every case, the animal that dies from a hunter’s bullet or arrow suffers less than the animal that dies in the teeth and claws of Mother Nature.

      • Thomas Carney

        In a vegan world there would be few animals, because most animals are either being raised for food or else supported by hunter’s money in tracts kept primative by law. In a vegan world, who would keep cattle or pigs or even horses for pets?
        The wild tracts typical of where this guy got his bruin are generally Wildlife Management units in Pennsylvania. These lands’ purchase and maintenance costs are generally paid for using hunter’s fees and taxes on hunter’s gear.

  • Nnov

    For all the anti meat eaters. First of all you can’t replace the proteins your body needs without eating meats. Wild game is a much leaner and healthier alternative to eating processed meats.
    I do not bear hunt but congrats for Dan on taking a beautiful bear.

  • John W

    Excellent. Congratulations on a fine bear. Bear hunting in Pennsylvania is a tough hunt. You can’t use bait or even scent. You can’t use dogs as well. Getting a bear in Pennsylvania is a real accomplishment. I will admit to being a tad envious.

  • Grew up in PA

    Nice bear. To all of the people crying about the kill..I grew up in North Eastern PA until I joined the military and left in 1992. I spent nearly every day in the woods with a gun and camera. Bear were unheard of in the area until I saw ONE driving to work at the age of 16. Never saw one again. And as I said, I spent nearly every day in the woods. Now during my infrequent visits to where I grew up, I’m hearing about bears all over those same areas that I spent my days. Soooo..relax. They’ve grown in numbers and have made it to the northern most part of PA. And..for those of you with the ‘we all should be vegans’ opinion. What to do with that opinion? Bend over, I’ll show you. Ok seriously, keep your opinion and I’ll keep mine. Feel free to go vegan in your house, as for mine we will serve meat. I’m a man, yup just checked. Still got my balls. I LIKE meat.

  • Rebecca

    Anyway, eating animals is also horrible for the environment and our health. Look up the environmemental impact of meat. Even the Unted Nations recommends that we all switch to a vegetarian diet due to the environmental impact. Look up the China study and other studies which all show that animal products have a horrible effect on our bodies. This is all without considering cruelty to sentient creatures! We have all been brainwashed into eating meat.

      • Beauford T

        I’m assuming you’re talking about the Japanese diet. It’s rich in soybean and fish. Japan has the highest life expectancy for women at 86 and the highest overall average life expectancy. If you’ve ever been to Japan, you’d quickly learn that this is not a vegetarian or vegan diet.

  • Rebecca

    Thomas. Might does not make right. And scientific evidence shows that we are herbivores. We choose to be omnivores. It isn’t our choice tomake as we are infringing upon the right to life for the beings we eat. No nutritional need to do so. Selfish and cruel. Completely unesescary.

    • Brian

      What are you talking about! Why do we have canine teeth then for tearing meat then? WOW….that is all I am going to say WOW!

      • Rebecca

        This is accurate. It is also accurate that meat was rare. Their diets consisted mainly of what plant foods they could gather. Which is why the women who gathered the food enjoyed a higher status than when we became agriculturalists. Nevertheless, biologically our bodies are built more like the bodies of herbivores. Animal products contribute to world hunger, environmental destruction, and animal suffering. We don’ t need meat. So why eat it?

      • Steve Sorensen

        Rebecca — apparently you don’t realize you’re supporting the idea of killing and eating wild game. You may have an argument if you’re talking about modern diets produced by modern agribusiness and modern agricultural practices, but killing and eating wild game is something different. Modern man eats little wild game, and the harvest of wild game does not involve the kinds of things you’re criticizing. So you should oppose what farmers are doing and hold up hunters as poster boys for healthy diets of locally grown renewable resources!

      • Steve Sorensen

        Also, when you talk about habitat destruction you apparently don’t know that an overabundance of wild animals is one of the biggest threats to habitat. In many places in America, whitetail deer are destroying their habitat and that of the other animals they share it with. Also in America wild pigs are destroying habitat of other mammals, and of countless ground nesting birds. Cats have become the pet of choice, but they’re the biggest threat out there to songbirds. In Africa, elephants have been put off limits to hunters, and in some places they have outgrown the carrying capacity of the land, destroying their own habitat much faster than it can recover.

        The truth is that man is part of the ecosystem, and man is the only predator capable of managing his harvest for sustainable yield. Since man made himself accountable with regulated hunting, not a single hunted species has been threatened and every hunted species is thriving — so are the species that share their habitat.

  • Rebecca

    How do vegans kill animals Thomas? Murder is murder you can try to justify it as population controll all you want. Doesn’t change this fact. In fact some studies have found that hunting only increases breeding and thus the population.

    • Thomas Carney

      Murder? Not murder! These animals have no souls! They are not some-ones! Their welfare is best attained when they are viewed and managed as herds, groups, whatever the term fitted to the species happens to be. We, you, I, the hunters and the vegans are humans, We have souls! We can only be looked upon and ‘managed’ as individuals. In the lowest terms, this guy nailed a huge bear, but black bears are everywhere. They are a dime a dozen. I bet there are bigger ones out there.
      We had to have the cops out to my house because one huge sow wouldn’t leave the front yard. She ran away, but started hanging out down where the school bus stops. They tranquilized her and threw her into the woods. Who knows what will happe to her?
      I would never take a bear around here because, since all they eat is garbage, they taste like garbage. Out there in the deep woods, I am sure your hunter adversaries could describe whether the meat is worthwhile.

      • Rebecca

        Nobody has a soul. That is BS. Prove it. We die. We rot the end. No wonder it is ok with you to kill animals. You see them as less than and you probably think some fictional sky daddy gives you the right to use them as you wish.

  • Thomas barr

    You anti hunters & tree huggers make me sick! You simply pay someone else to do your killing for you. Whether you are a vegan or not, you still kill animals ! Period… We are carnivores & top of the food chain. Game management is a must & wild game is not only tasty but sustains many many needy families. Get a life and pick a new cause to harass.

  • eric

    you are beyond dumb my friend! If you only knew how many pesticides and hunters are killing animals/pests to increase the farmers crop you eat you may be shocked! Stick to your vegan ways and eat your tofu…and have fun with breast cancer!

  • Wnep1

    Its too bad we didn’t have human season, because I’m sure this guy would like to see you strung up too Corey. I know I would. And to all of you talking badly about hunters, I invite you to live out in the country and see your dogs attacked by all different types of animals. Actually that’s what all you vegans and tree huggers should do, go live in the woods and live with themand see how “peaceful” some of this wildlife is.
    Great job with this kill. One less bear that will be in my backyard causing problems for me and mine!

  • Jayson Stonehouse

    I hate the people to talk about hunting as if it were murder ..
    As if they wouldn’t smash in a mosquito that was biting them .
    The fact is they don’t stop to think about how many “more” people each year would die in automobile accident because the deer population is too high and they keep crossing the highways . . Hunting is just population control ..

  • JL

    The word kill is misrepresented. Consider this the Harvest of a great trophy for a fortunate hunter. The harvest of any crop or animal is never a certainty but when it happens it is always a blessing. This is a once in a lifetime harvest so hopefully you can memorialize it with a full mount. Congrats!

  • kerry

    Big, beautiful,Black bear. yes it is a shame such a magnificant creature was shot. But on the other hand, congradulations! That is a bear of many life times. and can you imagine what that would do to a Honda civic and how many fawns and pets that thing has eaten,:maybe?

  • Lois Topper

    Hunting is a time-honored tradition in Pennsylvania, the skills of which have been passed down through countless generations, and have bonded families and friends tightly together ever since this land was settled hundreds of years ago. It has put good, nutritious preservative-free meat on many tables, provided wonderful outdoor adventure, exercise and education to thousands, and bolstered the Pennsylvania economy through good times and bad.

    Hunters provide a valuable service in helping to control the wildlife population, thereby reducing the chance of someone’s beloved pet or (Heaven forbid!) loved one being seriously injured or worse in accidental confrontation with an aggressive predator.

    My husband and I have hunted bear for 9 years now, and have only ever shot one bear. Clearly, in the woods, the wildlife has the advantage.

    So, to all those mighty hunters that the Great I AM blessed with harvesting a black bear, I say, Wahoo! Rock on! o

    PS….although there are exceptions to every rule, the hunters I know, all strive to leave the woods as pristine and undisturbed as possible. After all, we all know that nothing blows your cover faster than human scent and residue!

  • Proud Bearhunter

    These people complaining about the killing of this bear are the same people who will eat a turkey tomorrow for Thanksgiving, eat chicken, eat pork bacon and ham from a pig, and eat steaks and hamburger from a cow and so on. No complaints about slaughtering turkeys, chickens, pigs or cows though. Hypocrites!!!!!!

    • ME

      No one is saying the slaughter business is any better or without its problems, but that is different from chasing and hunting down an animal in the woods.

  • Kole

    Just heard the live talk on television. Unfortunately, it was not in support of this lucky hunter. Although one could understand feeling sympathy for such an amazing animal, the people who called in are clearly uneducated in this field and are speaking out of emotion, not reason. Before calling to bash this hunter, I would dare anybody to do their research on wildlife management. Look up the side-effects of overpopulation, which include disease and starvation of wildlife. Hunters help manage to prevent this from happening. Hunters are often looked at like a bunch of rednecks and hillbillies, when in reality, the vast majority are conservationists who care more about the animals they hunt than most non-hunters could understand. Also, the revenue generated by hunting licenses and hunter-donations make up the largest portion of money put into buying and maintaining forested land and research that will ensure these species have a long and healthy future. Great job on this awesome bear, and congratulations!

    • jim golden


      • Chris

        Clearly you have never stepped foot in the woods to hunt! You do realize you can hunt bear all of your life and never shoot one! There are plenty of bears here in PA, however, unlike just about every other state, you cannot bait them in PA. Unless you have one perfectly patterned and harvest one from your treestand, bear hunting in PA is some of the toughest, nastiest, stuff you will do. Laurel that you can hardly crawl through needs to be pushed, thick and rocky areas of mountains, and just the thickest, nastiest cover available is where they will be. There are not all that many bear hunters like deer hunters, so you will not have to worry about the population diminishing. Heck, you can walk by a lot of bears and they will stay bedded in thick cover and you never know you passed them.

        Before you and every other tree hugger here says such idiotic things, do a little research. Say there was no bear season at all, I bet you would be the first to cry when you have a problem bear tearing apart your garbage every night, or you know he’s around and are afraid to step outside at night. If you ever go for a walk in the woods, look around and take in the beauty of nature. Make sure you thank God for such a beautiful environment, and thank hunters that there are not animals struggling to stay alive due to overpopulation and disease!

    • ME

      Well, some of the bears I saw on TV, were little more than 100-200 lbs., just babies. No chance of growing up and starving there, huh? You hit the nail on the head when you talked about the money generated for PA. Machisimo and money are the most prevalent factors in hunters. All the other bull about population control and such, are just that—Bull!

    • Thomas Carney

      It is unfortunate to hear values rather than facts being featured on TV. Gee! Who’da known?
      I heard James Carvell onec refer to Pennsylvania as this place wth Philadelphia at one end, Pittsburgh at the other with nothing but Arkansas in between. I hope none of you country boy types forget this characterization when it counts. Say, the first Tuesday after the first Monday?

  • Dillon

    Congrats on the amazing bear! To the ignorant people saying that the killing of this animal is wrong, you obviously know nothing about hunting. This country, this world in fact, was founded on hunting. It’s how people survived and got us to where we are today and to all the people that still hunt to provide for their families, just as this person is doing here, more power to you!

    Good luck next week hunters!

    • The Everyday Hunter

      Franz, you may be ignorant of the reason for killing bears, but you can’t be ignorant of the fact that bears reproduce — and they do it very well in Pennsylvania.

      Black bears are the largest predator in Pennsylvania. The fall harvest of bears needs to be sufficient to offset the birth rate in the spring. If sufficient numbers are not killed, they will not only overpopulate the habitat; they will also have more and more conflict with people at campgrounds, restaurants, back yards, roadways, and many other places. That is not good for people, or for bears.

      Black bears in Pennsylvania are among the healthiest populations of bears anywhere on the continent. That couldn’t be possible without hunting them, and without the funding hunting provides. The truth is that if it were not for hunters America would have very little wildlife, and it would only be accessible to wealthy people.

      Pennsylvania has the best bear management program anywhere, and that would not be true without hunting.


        congradulations,thats a bear of a lifetime ! Thank you for using good hunting ethics in bagging this great bear,,unlike mr.price in 2010,,who shot a old mans pet in bushkill ,pa.!!!! WE REMEMBER BOZO EVERY YEAR !!

      • Kyler r

        Let me guess you don’t hunt? So you wouldn’t know this needed killed. It’s so big that if it needed food bad enough it could got right through a door and kill a whole family. Or it could cross the road in front of a family in a mini van and if they hit that bear I guarantee people would get killed. So you don’t know anything, it was killed for a reason, okay? Quit killing the guys amazing accomplishment! Great kill!

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