The Death of a Firefighter

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The death of a firefighter in the line of duty last week caused Mike Stevens to pause and reflect on all the brave volunteers who answer the call of duty every day.


  • Lynda Nepa

    This was a beautiful tribute to my brother Russell and every other public servant like him. We seem to forget how much of their own lives they give up for all of us. Thank you so much !!

  • John Orr

    Thank You Mike Stevens for showing the rest of your viewing audience what we go through as volunteers. Everything you said in this article I’ve personally done in my, near 43 years as a volunteer in the fire and EMS service and would not change any of it for anything the good, the bad and the ugly

    . John Orr Chief & EMT-P Ralston Volunteer Fire Co.

  • Dave Richards

    Very Nice Video. Sadly, it takes a tragedy to bring to light again, the value of all emergency services. Sad to say, we are a reactive society, and it takes a tragedy to make changes or be recognized. Thank you for doing the video, maybe it’s a start in the right direction.

  • chris stalica

    Mike I am a volunteer firefighter here in old forge and I would like to just say thank you for all the kind words you said about us volunteers. It’s never easy for us when one of our brothers dies. Thank you again it ‘s greatly appreciated by all.

  • Nikkita Buckles

    Thank you so much, this is beautiful and means a lot to us volunteer firefighters. I am a volunteer of two years, and I would never stop doing what I do, I have a 2nd family and they would never let anything happen to me.

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