Pennsylvania People and Places 2013 Rifle season

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  • Mike

    1st off i would like to know why my comment about the 23lb. deer/dog was deleted… Is it because the truth hurts!! A Real hunter would have never shot that deer…. Also, looking at these photos over half of them do not have a tag on there deer… Sportsman…. we just seem to be going backwards!!


      Hey Mike.. some people put there tag inside the maybe thats why you don’t see it.Don’t be so quick to judge….

  • EB27

    I’ve read a lot of comments from people complaining about the deer population, and how we shouldn’t shoot doe. So my question is, are the people complaining, the same people who hunt two weeks out of the year and forget about the deer and the rest of our wildlife until next season? I have a small 100 acre farm that I hunt on and I put in food plots, keep ponds and running water areas open, prune wild apple trees put out mineral licks and create a friendly enviroment for wildlife. Its hard work and its not too expensive unless you count the drops of sweat. I work on these things all year long, and it always pays off during hunting seasons. I can look in my small ten acre back field every evening and count 20 to 30 deer and check it every morning and see just as many turkey, I’ve also seen a few bear. For the record, we take as many doe and turkey off the farm every year as we have tags for and theres no shortage of game. As a matter of fact the local population has grown so much recently I don’t know how I’m going to feed them all. My suggestion to anyone who can’t find a game animal would be to put in some work this spring and summer, (yes, I know “work” is a four letter word for most of the complainers) then see the results next fall. Take care of the flocks and heards and they’ll take care of you!! P.S. the sportsmans show is coming soon the the farm complex in Harrisburg, some vendors have great tips and advise for taking care of game animals.

    • tom343

      Unttil receently I have been a city dweller; now that I live in the country I am a care giver and between my years and my responsibilities, hunting is something I dream about more than do. It irks me that some basically set up propertty so these deer, allegedly the property of the state at large, comes to live on private land while such as I have to share the crumbs on puublic land. Please explain the morality of your deeds.

    • Deer1

      Very well stated EB27 Work. Our family and friends who hunt scout the areas we hunt throughout the year, learn their patterns, their hiding spots, their preferences at any time of the year. The Pennsylvania whitetail is probably one of the most elusive, due to hunting pressure and year round disturbances in their habitat. We hunt primarily public access land and have been successful over the years. Use scouting cameras, walk, look, study aerial and topo mapping, do your homework. Do not expect to walk into the woods the weekend before your hunt, bang around stands, leave your scent everywhere, cause disturbances and expect to see all kind of deer. If you don’t see any where you hunt, hunt where they are or hunt where they are going to be. 90% of whitetail deer use around 20% of their home range area.


      Your Funny……..Its your land…..We are talking about public land buddy…Unless you want to make your land public.Let me know where your farm is so we can put on the farm game program..Geezzz

    • tbc343

      Some of us don’t think it’s fair to load up private lands with bait at all, Some of us feel it is unfair for these who cultivate all this deer bait on their private property to effectively kidnap a commodity all Pennsylvania hunters and really all Pennsylvanians own, let the deer habituate to your place, have you and yours enjoy easy pickings on your posted land while those of us who have to grab a day here and a day there afield content with literally thousands of others for the few deer/square mile (relatively speaking) that your careful work and planting haven’t lured. In my day there was such a thing as fair chase.

  • james

    I started the complaint and i stand by what i stated. I am a hunter.. As someone stated maybe he needs the meet..if he need the 5 lbs of meet that he has gotten. Then I think he needs more help and should be working instead of being in the woods.. Some folks are right. with the new laws it is legal. but not right.
    I am not a rack hunter. I do hunt for the meet as well. there is just no reason to be proud enough of that to post it in the news. if a child shot it. then the child should have been in the pic. Not a guy holding it up by the neck and tail.

  • Dave

    I see the small deer everyone is whining about was shot with a flintlock, maybe this guy hunts for meat and that was the only thing to give him a shot. Its a legal deer get over it

  • jill

    PA Outdoor Life ought to be ashamed to post photo of the idiot who shot the 23 pound fawn! That goof is NOT A HUNTER or SPORTSMAN or OUTDOORSMAN…………COWARD is more like it!

    • Thomas Carney

      Publishing such an explicit indictment of hunting certainly raises questions that publication’s motive and policy. Is that publication put out by Pennsylvanian authorities? Has Philadelphia take over your Fish and Game department?

  • Alice B. Reitz

    I used to be a hunter myself and I have taken notice to the decline in the deer population over the years. Our group quit shooting doe several years ago because of the decline in the deer herds. A lot of meat hungry hunters don’t mind at all shooting a small doe just so they can get some meat. Well, did you ever watch and take notice if there was a fetus in the doe when you cut her open or don’t you know what they look like. Well, look again because nine chances out of ten the doe you shoot may be pregnant with next springs babies. You may not be shooting one deer but several deer if she’s carrying twins or sometimes on occasion triplets. That’s 4 -3-or 2 deer you just shot. Shame on you. Are you that hungry for venison that you have to shoot the unborn too. Stop the Doe season for several years and see what happens then to our declining deer herds. People, wake up and stop buying the license or buy them and don’t use them. If the PGC doesn’t see people I the mountains hunting, maybe they’ll get the whole Idea of this thing with the declining herds..Where I live up here in western Union Co. we used to see herds of deer in our yard almost every night. Gees, now we get excited if we see just one roaming around.
    Use you heads hunters. Sound off to the game commission the next meeting they have in Harrisburg. Maybe someone ought to be replaced down there and at the other offices around the state,

  • james

    I would like to meet the loser who shot the 23lb deer! First off why would take a photo of it? I would be so sick atfer shooting a small dog sized deer. You are the kind of person who ruins it for al of us decent people. that lookt at what we are shooting at. I cant believe more hunters arnt outraged by this!!!!!

  • Richard

    Who Cares about treehuggers.Lets talk about to many doe tags being given out buy the pgc My son who is 12 and I where out all season long didn’t even see a deer.Something must be done.If not the heritage of hunting will come to and end.its hard to get a 12 year old to sit for 10 hours but not to see anything is sad…….

    • J.S.

      Agreed, I emailed the Game Commission about this topic as well and got a B.S. reply about the numbers are still to high. Maybe in developed areas they are but in the woods most of us are hunting I dont think so. Also, asked why our out of state license fees dont compare to other states. But then again what does the PGC do anyways besides driving around looking for the easy finds. While people down the road have a treestand in there back yard and a corn pile next to the porch, and either killing them before season or wounding them because they could care less about making sure everything is perfect before the season because there not from that area (ie. out of state) Archery season numbers triple, Rifle season numbers are still great but eventually the impact on the deer herd is going to show its face. Preserve our hunting heritage so that we can pass it on, not try and make a couple dollars when there annual estimation of the deer herd is total crap. My suggestion to everyone is to voice your complaints as I do and direct them to the game commission, Not that they listen to the PA residents anyway.

    • huntinpa

      What are the deer population numbers for PA? i dont see how they can count anything outside of harvests. you have to factor in disease and predators and the dumbass poachers. not to mention the number of deer running out in front of cars.I’m new to PA and was wondering what the numbers are. I’m originally from alabama and the deer numbers are relatively low for both doe and bucks.

    • rich

      us hunters complain about not seeing any deer,yet every year we buy thousands of doe permit’s, and shoot thousands,of doe so who is too blame, don’t buy don’t shoot problem solved,

  • huntinpa

    believe it or not hunting is a means of wildlife management. ask your local game warden. i come from a long line of traditional hunters and am proud to work with wild life officials to fight illegal abuse of animals. after all we should all protect our heritage

  • Tom

    Angelo A’s deer is an illegal kill. The subtitle mentions it was shot with a mentor tag, but then lists Angelos’ age as 12. The mentor program is for under 12 years old

  • tbc343

    I fail to understand why the media, especially in Pennsylvania, fails to see this criticism of hunting originates from a numerically insignificant minority, but nontheless a well heeled and media savy minority. I hazard that most folks in PA either hunt or know relatives and friends that hunt. Hunting is a tradition here, one with no negative moral connotation.

  • Matthew

    People need to stop complaining about the hunting season. Where do you think the food on your table came from? Animals that were killed, just as hunters do for their food. It’s not animal cruelty, I along with many others hunt for food. Venison is wonderful, and not very easy to find in a store. Therefore you hunt. If it was cruelty it would be illegal. Get a grip people, look at the horrible things happening to PEOPLE in this area. Lets focus on a real problem.

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