Families Search Burned Homes for Heirlooms

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POTTSVILLE-- Residents of 4 homes on Schuylkill Avenue that were damaged in a fire Friday evening, spent Saturday sifting through the burned buildings seaching for any family treasures that could be salvaged.

Kathleen Vernay and several relatives searched through #215, her mother's home of more than half a century. Mildred Salle was taken to the hospital, and is being treated for a heart attack that apparently took place around the time of the fire.

Vernay says,"She had Christmas presents wrapped in the back room already, and you can't tell her anything because she is so bad."

Vernay adds that here was one item her mother was most concerned about.

"My brother died young at 51, and she was worried about that picture, we got that out safe," Venay said through her tears, "So we did get some stuff out."

Vernay says that the home's decor was her mother's masterpiece, and that during the holidays up to 40 relatives would gather there.

While the family will now have to gather someplace else for the Thanksgiving, there is still something to be greatful for this year.

Son Stephen Weiss says,"As long as my mom and dad got out, and the neighbors, I'm greatful."