Man Charged With Brutal Attack, Rape

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HAZLE TOWNSHIP -- State police have charged a West Hazleton man in connection with an especially horrific assault.

Troopers say Emmanuel Paulino brutally raped a woman who then had to be flown to a hospital.

Paulino, 29, was led into his arraignment in Hazle Township where he was charged with numerous offenses in connection with a brutal sexual assault.

State police say Paulino attacked a woman inside her apartment around 4:30 a.m. Tuesday.

The victim told police Paulino suddenly “freaked out and grabbed her by the neck and started choking her.”

He then began to violently assault her sexually.

The victim told police she was “screaming throughout the assault and that the attack stopped when one of her children entered the bedroom when they heard screaming.”

Investigators say Paulino lives in an apartment in West Hazleton.

His next door neighbor says he doesn't know Paulino, only has seen him in passing.

“I just moved in to this house two days ago so, I don't even know. I know there's people that live there, but I don't know them,” said Jose Jueerrero.

Police say the victim had to be flown to Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center and was taken into surgery due to her injuries.

Court papers show that Paulino admitted to taking six pills of the drug known as molly before the attack.

State police also say Paulino head-butted a trooper while being taken in for questioning and he faces a charge of aggravated assault for that.

According to Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, the victim is now in fair condition.


  • Servant of Christ

    People give their opinion not knowing all the facts. These people lived together and had 4 children. Two of them were his. This guy was raised properly by parents that loved him and supported him. HE had a loving family. He abused drugs and yes he committed a horrific crime. This girl loved him and she didn’t want harm to come his way. This horrible act that he committed is not justified and there’s no one to blame but him, for taking the drugs and abusing her the way he did.
    It is horrible that he brought the name of Jesus into this because Jesus had no part in this (obviously) all the things that are done in his name are to heal and restore not to destroy. This family has been destroyed by this horrific act, from the parents of this guy, to his ex girlfriend having to live with the consequences probably for life and his small children having to deal with the memories and the knowledge that their father may very well sit in jail for the rest of his life and theirs for what he has done. It’s a terrible thing that the devil can take hold of people and destroy them completely and bring shame to all of those that know this guy since he was kid. Such a loss of what could have been. My heart goes out to all of them and I pray that Jesus is with them all because they are going to need his love and mercy for the rest of their lives.

  • thetruth

    Hey Timmy,

    Its obvious you are a racist. Not all Hispanics and Blacks are the same. You would think that with a Black president all the racism would be over but gueds not.

  • Dee Deiter

    Wow! Some people seriously don’t read the articles locally that were published on this brutal attack! Having sex with him while her kids were around? Wrong! He attacked her and what he did to her was horrific! The child came into the room after hearing the mother’s screams! When help arrived she was curled up (the mother) in a fetal position bleeding profusely and tissue from the insides of her stomach was found in that room!!! Do some reading and not assuming something awful about the mother and that child! You read the WNEP article and think this was the story! Wrong! They could not probably publish all of the details of what really happened in that room because it was do deviant, brutal, and horrific! And then the media will spin it like the drugs he took were somehow responsible for this attack! Wrong! Don’t blame the drugs! He had calmly answered all questions and cooperated with the magistrate and what it really comes down to is this jerk is the most deviant and brutal rapist I have ever read or heard about! Always angers me when someone writes or comments turning the entire thing on the woman like it was she who did something wrong!!! She had to be taken into emergency surgery and as of this morning’s Hazleton paper, they still had not known and there was no comment on her condition! Go to the Hazleton Standard Speaker online and you will find out exactly how horrific and brutal this attack was as they did not hold anything back about what she had suffered at this monster’s hands! Imagine what the child had to witness after hearing the mother’s screams and God forbid, seeing any part of what this rapist had actually done to it’s mother and then to see her bleeding profusely and in extreme pain!!!! Shame on you people placing it back on an assumption of what this mother was doing!!!

  • Kendall

    All rapists should get no less than life imprisonment. Especially particularly violent ones like this. Rape is torture and should be treated as such.

  • Kendall

    No, she shouldn’t have to answer for that at all, that is ridiculous. She’s brutally raped and injured and all you can think to do is police the victim’s sex life? What about the brute who raped her?

    Victim blaming and rape culture are alive and kicking with your comment.

  • seriously!?

    Are you seriously suggesting that people can’t have sex when their children are home? I’d love to know what universe you live in. What do you think married people do, only have sex when they get a baby sitter? Get real. This poor woman was brutalized, and this is the thing you focus on??

  • Angela

    hope he rotts in jail. people really need to stop with the drugs smh and YOUNG WOMAN need to stop leaving men like this around them selves OR their children, i highly doubt this guy was an upstanding citizen before this innocent.

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