Lawmakers OK Small Games of Chance at Bars

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TAMAQUA -- State lawmakers have approved a new bill that would allow small games of chance at bars and taverns, which they said will mean millions more a year in revenue for the state.

The governor is expected to sign the bill soon, allowing raffles, pull-tab games, and daily drawings.

Some of the money earned would go to the bar owners, some to the local municipality of the bar, and most of it would go to the state treasury.

"I think if it helps, would help the elderly or children of any kind, I hope for it," said June Kotch of Tamaqua.

The owner of Freddy's Pub in Tamaqua said he would consider offering games.

Under the bill, bar owners would have to apply for a license to do that.

"We have a little bit of a wait and see attitude now with all the details, but obviously, anything that can bring added revenue to a business is exciting," said Larry Frederick.

For years, private clubs and volunteer organizations in Pennsylvania have been able to use small games of chance to raise money.

Some people do not like the idea of giving that right to bars and taverns, too.

"I don't think it's fair for the clubs. They need the revenue. The bars don't," said William Gaumere of Weatherly.


  • Andy D.

    As a bar owner who struggles to make a few cents on beer sales it is welcome revenue. I sit between an Elks club and a VFW that can offer Small Games of Chance and offer their beverages at a fraction of what I could. Now the playing field will be a little more level. Of course I can’t charge membership fees as the clubs can so they still will make more money than I ever could. So I personally don’t see how this could hurt clubs.

  • Janet Den Haese Anderson

    Sorry, I got distracted in my last comment. Do the legislators realize that a large part of the “bar” population are people who are already depressed over their financial situation and spend money that they don’t have hoping to hit the jackpot? Have you ever observed the people who spend large amounts of money playing the lottery….they’re dressed poorly, look like they need a good hot bath and a hot meal and need some serious dental work. This will only contribute to more domestic disputes when the “bread winner” comes home without the bread.

  • Janet Den Haese Anderson

    Just listen to the broadcasters. Their command of the English language is so poor. I sit and correct their verbiage every night. They certainly have a “low” bar expectation of their employees. Do they even have ANY kind of degree? Probably in “poor usage of the English language” in which they excel.

  • Greg B.

    “which they said will means millions more a year in revenue for the state”
    Will means? Millions more A year?

    “I think if it helps, would help the elderly or children of any kind, I hope for it,” said June Kotch of Tamaqua” – easy for her to say, I guess.

    “I don’t think it’s far for the clubs.”

    Oh and “wait and see” should be hyphenated, too.

    Does anyone there even proofread these articles? Was this article submitted from someone’s cell phone?

    Please allow me to publicly offer my services as a Proofreader/Grammar Checker – Good God, you folks certainly need one badly.

    Email me anytime, I can start tomorrow.

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