Major Makeover on Montage Mountain

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SCRANTON  - A major multimillion dollar makeover is almost complete on Montage Mountain just in time for the ski season to start.

The bricks and mortar are still being laid.  Workers are busy here at Montage Mountain Resorts in Scranton completing a major makeover.

The Resort’s Director of Operations says this part of the Mountain has constantly changed since Labor Day.

"This is my favorite part of the job, seeing it get done and then seeing the finished product, people come in and they`re like wow, where am I?” said Director of Operations Jessica Kalinoski.

A new ski lodge is going up while the old one has been gutted and is in the process of being remodeled.  Work Nick Puchalski is impressed with.

"I love all the work that they`re putting into this to attract me, attract more people to come here, which they should you know,” said Puchalski.

When Skiers take to the Mountain now, it will have a new terrain park and new LED Lights along the slopes.  Retail and ski rentals will fill this new space while Ben & Jerry’s and other Vendors will move in here to the remodeled lodge.

There`s a lot of old mixed in with the new here at Montage, this wall is made up of old picnic benches from the waterpark. And right over here, this chandelier is made up of old skis, sleds, and lights from the slopes.

Artist Warren Muller has been piecing the nostalgic chandelier together, a job he calls chaotic and fun.

"You have to kind of search for things within the whole and from whatever angle you look at it you see something different,” said Muller.

Stephanie Stankevich stopped by Montage Mountain and says she can’t believe this transformation.

"It`s coming along, it looks nice, I just came up to book my daughter`s birthday party for December so I`m excited about it,” said Stankevich.

The Grand Opening for the new lodge at Montage Mountain is scheduled for December 4th.