Man Charged with Shooting at Girlfriend, Police

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A man from Wayne County is charged with ten counts of attempted homicide after police said he dumped gasoline on his girlfriend, shot at her and later turned his gun on state troopers at his home near Moscow.

Donald Paiva said for years the man who lived in a trailer, Robert Brundage behaved erratically, warring with neighbors, and even threatening to shoot his dog Julie.

"I think I am hoping he never comes back, but I don't know what they are going to do with him," said Paiva.

Investigators said after a drive back from a drinking party on Saturday night, Brundage tried to force his girlfriend Hope Hernandez off the road as she drove on 380.

The rampage continued when the pair returned to the trailer on Woodland Drive. Detectives say Brundage dumped gasoline on Hernandez then shot at her five times.

Police said hysterical and covered in gasoline, Hernandez got in her jeep and drove to her neighbor's house looking for help.

"She came flying down the road, she came in here crying screaming he had taken shots at her," said Paiva.

After calling 911 Donald waited inside with his wife and Hernandez.

When troopers arrived they tried to make contact with Brundage by using a phone and a loud-speaker, he responded by turning the lights off and on and then opening fire.

Police returned fire but Donald said even as Brundage faced off with law enforcement he showed no signs of fear.

"Telling the state troopers, come on up and see if you can get me. Then he would laugh with the weirdest kind of laugh," said Paiva.

Police said more than 5 hours later Brundage voluntarily exited his home.

But even after everything that happened, Donald still felt sympathy for his neighbor.

"Feel sorry for him if that makes sense, you know because I know what drugs can do to you," said Paiva.


  • Bob brundage

    Busted for herion huh? Did u know that anyone’s criminal record is public info?? Ignorant people man. Feel free to look into what I’ve ever been “busted” fr. And keep up your slander and I’ll contact my lawyer

  • Melanie

    Dont defend them? Thats my father in law. He would never hurt anyone. You should sincerely analyze the person making the claims, who clearly went in the house after she “was scared for her life” so she must not have been that scared

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