“Kids For Cash” Movie Premieres in NYC

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NEW YORK CITY --- One of the biggest scandals to ever rock Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania is now the subject of a documentary film and the movie "Kids for Cash" made its world premiere this evening in New York City.

People were lined up outside the theater in Manhattan for the sold out debut, which came as part of New York's documentary film festival.

The film looks at the scandal that landed former Luzerne County judges Michael Conahan and Mark Ciavarella behind bars.

It was a 4-year project by film-maker, Robert May, who lives in Luzerne County.

"But there are voices from two sides in this story. We tell a very unbiased portrayal as you will see. Because we tell the story from both the villain's and the victims' point of view, juxtapose the two stories and then you decide," said May.

"Kids for Cash" debuts nationwide in February.

Newswatch 16's Scott Schaffer was at the premiere in New York City and will have more on this story Monday on Newswatch 16.


  • J.C.

    The ex-judges are where they belong; sad it didn’t happen sooner. Some of the juveniles did need to be incarcerated but certainly not as many as noted. Sadly, there was at least one juvenile who committed suicide and many more lives were torn apart by the unjust actions of the despicable deeds for unabated greed.

    Please note because a mother gave birth to 5 children does not mean she’s a poor mother; in fact she may be a great mother. Now whoi is the judge????? Such comments as noted above are somewhat like Chivareell’s actions; pathetic.

  • harsh times

    sure there were some bad kids locked up also …but we are forgetting is these two scumbags were paid over a million each to fill beds of giulty or innocent

  • pointing fingers

    Some of those Kids (who are now adults, but can’t be called adults because they are still acting like kids) that are reciving Kids for cash are locked up, buying drugs and/or spending it on bail.

  • Renee poesnecker

    Those kids broke the law and ended up on front of a judge. I’ve raised 5 teenagers and for all their faults, they never broke the law. I’m tired of all the sympathy they want and money. If they had not broken the law, they would have never found themselves where they were. Those judges were harsh and wrong to benefit, but non of those kids were innocent bystanders… They broke the law.

    • eric

      I completely agree with Ryan. You are clearly a mindless breeder to begin with and on top of that I’m sure you turned a blind eye to your kids vile behavior so you can feel like an accomplished parent. Let me guess you had all boys, probably one year apart like most locals, and they are all violent a**holes who like to fight and treat others poorly. It’s ok they represent the overwhelming majority of this “area”.

  • mother of a kids for cash victim

    I’d like to know where all the money/profit is actually going from this movie? And why didn’t the DA’s office look back further than 2002 into Chivarellas behaviour & court proceedings??? He was dirty way before 2002. His pockets were lined with money from camp Adams. Just don’t know why no one will look into this…

  • friend of someone whose kid was involved

    all the money raised should go to the kids that were involved. they are the ones who suffered in all this

    • Wife of kids for cash victim

      All the kids that were effected by the scandal received some money back, some more some less depending how harsh of a sentence it was

      • harsh times

        and your point is……i guess the victoms of jerry sandusky shouldnt get any money in your eyes either

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