Restaurant Customers Helped Detain Alleged Crook

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SCRANTON -- A man is charged with allegedly trying to rob restaurant in Lackawanna County.  

Police said 24 year-old Jean Hernandez of Dickson City is charged with holding up Taquaria Oaxaca Restaurant on Cedar Avenue in Scranton. 

Officials said he had a gun, and it happened just after 6 p.m. Friday.

According to police, people eating inside at the time grabbed Hernandez, and held him down until police came.

Jean Hernandez, was locked up Saturday morning in Lackawanna County.


  • jaybabykiss

    Ha-haa maybe they should start with you, are you the one who gave him a gun? I made the comment for the police not for you to like it, it’s obvious there are more persons involved on this and whatever you think I don’t care I’m not scared but maybe you are that’s why you made a non sense comment take care and God bless you!!

  • jaybabykiss

    One person doing this by itself, they should investigate more I personally know this person and he is not from here he don’t have a car and he don’t have a gun the question is Where are the other persons involved????

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