Scranton Mayor Proposes Tax Hike

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SCRANTON -- People living in the city of Scranton could soon see an almost 50% tax increase.

It is part of Mayor Chris Doherty's proposed 2014 budget, which he unveiled Friday afternoon.

That means the average property owner in the city will pay $260 more a year.

"I don't know how the senior citizens or half the people in this city will be able to afford to keep their houses. You look at the property taxes, the county is always going up, the city is always going up," said Winfield Cullen of Scranton.

Under the proposal, other fees will go up too.

Folks will pay $122 more a year in garbage fees, if the proposal is approved, for a total of $300 a year.

The mayor said his proposed budget would give the city a more solid financial foundation by closing a $20 million gap in the budget for next year and restoring the city's credit, but some people said they just cannot afford it.

"From people that I know and how they struggle now, no, I don't believe so," said Tyler Mirabelli of Scranton.

John French works at rental properties throughout the city of Scranton.

His friend owns them.

French said he is not sure how such a big hike will affect his friend or renters.

"Obviously it would hurt him a lot because he has about a dozen tenants, all of whom he's paying for. Does he have to raise his rents and things like that?"

The mayor's proposed budget must be approved by council. A hearing has been set for December 5.

Doherty said he is hopeful it will be, but others said they hope it is not given the green light.

"It's getting to the point this city is going to have to go bankrupt, and they're going to find out where they can get help because the taxpayers can't take it anymore," said Cullen.


  • James

    These austere tax & fee increases are just going to eat into any possible future economic and population growth for the city. Lack of growth will just continue the downward spiral of expenses exceeding tax revenue for the city. The city should get more creative in finding pro growth solutions and expanding fees for industries in the city that are not paying their fair share of taxes. City workers wages should be cut to better represent the Scranton average median per capita income: $19,000.

    • jellystoneranger


      The inevitable is they cannot do anything because of the union contracts ! Liberal judge after judge continues to throw any decision that would alter any of these contracts that would reel in these absurd pensions, contracts. It has to fail so a legal entity can come in and cleanse the outhouse . I have lived in other areas of the country where the police and fireman and municipal workers are respected and appreciated but these people here are nothing but blood sucking parasites that are more than willing to bankrupt Scranton,Wilkes Barre and others for their own benefit. Just remember it takes two sides to finalize a contract and they had the right man in office every time it needed to get done.

  • Charly Lucky

    He’s on his way out. The only thin he should be proposing is his good bye, and sorry I screwed up so bad speech.

  • b

    Article should read “outgoing” mayor. He ruined and fleeced this city, didn’t pay bills on time and people praise him? Thief should be in jail.

  • Gumba

    I live in a house myself and my better half are both disabled we have also taken in a 17 year old nephew that we have to feed and cloth where are we going to get extra money for this?? We are both on fixed income when is this city going to stop Fleecing its residents no wonder whn i look around city i see blight i see peoole with tarps on there roofs because they cant afford 10k plus for new ones and now city wants more. DISGUSTING!!

  • jellystoneranger

    This town needs to fail so they can have an impartial overseer to come in and deal with the unions Aka Democrats ! The voters are 2 to 1 Democrats so they refuse to fix their own mess . Sheeples led every election cycle to the booths to keep the status quo in place. If it wasn’t so sad it would be hilarious . Bought and paid for by YOUR Democratic committee ! How boutcha ?

  • jr

    they shouldn’t be allowed to do that so many elderly will wind up homeless because they won’t be able to afford the tax increase landlords will be forced to raise there rent

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