Getting Children Out Of Disaster Area

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MOUNT CARMEL -- Oliver Fesiak spends a lot of time on Facebook in his Mount Carmel apartment. The social media website is his only connection to the Philippines and his hometown which was leveled by the typhoon. Fesniak said days passed when he didn't even know if his two children survived.

"Horrible! For two nights I couldn’t sleep. I just sat myself in front of the computer trying to get some news."

It turns out the Fesniak children, 13-year-old Doherty, and 7-year-old Orville are alive but now face a lack of food and water and the threat of disease from the bodies, left in the wake of the storm.

"I am really worried, you know, what a dad would feel, like, that you are so far away and there is a typhoon the strongest that’s been recorded."  Fesniak explained.

Getting his children out means lots of red tape because the kids are from another nation. Their travel has to be approved by our government.

Congressman Lou Barletta's office says he's working with Oliver Fesniak to bring his children to the United States but adds that process could take a year.