Crash Closes Casey Highway

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JESSUP -- A fiery crash closed a busy highway Friday morning in Lackawanna County.

Police said a car smashed into the back of a tractor-trailer on the Casey Highway (Route 6)  near Jessup around 6 a.m.

Troopers said the woman driving the car was unconscious after the wreck and was pulled from the car by the truck driver before the vehicles caught fire.

She was taken to Geisinger-Community Medical Center.

Fox Transport Ltd. out of Honesdale issued a statement on behalf of truck driver Ronald Roninger:

"I don't consider myself a hero. It's what I hope anyone would have done in this situation. I didn't take any time to think, I just acted. I hope the young girl is okay and makes a full recovery. I do want to thank the other good Samaritans who helped me before EMS arrived."

Fox Transport added:

"We want to add how proud we are of Ron and recognize because of his quick thinking and fearless actions, it resulted in saving a young lady's life."

The west lanes of the Casey Highway are closed between Salem Road Exit (4) and the Jessup Exit (3) while crews clean up the wreck.


  • concerned

    Regardless of what happened and how it happened, the important thing is she lived.And to bash her here over it is nonsense. When something emergency wise happens there are more involved than that person! There are family and friends that you are involving with your comments, whether you feel are true or not, Maybe if we all would stop this kind of bashing and go to her and let her see how many feel it is her fault, she would take it more seriously. Hiding behind a screen is gutless, Just like all social media that does not require you to be known, Think about it…. maybe by being gutless and telling her to her face what you think, may wake her up. I personally think this is true in many cases, so be a hero by telling her, not by hiding behind ruthless remarks you are afraid to tell her, this is not just this case, it goes for many.

  • Carol Shute

    Since none of us knows exactly what goes on in the heart and mind of another, how about giving Sierra the benefit of a doubt on how and why this accident occurred. I had a horrible accident at 19 years old (LONG time ago) and totaled a car and it was a combination of many errors on my part and others. So we can think we know but we don’t know and best to reserve casting aspersion on others since none of us know when this kind of an accident may happen to us with our error or the other guy’s error. Accidents are accidents and they will happen to the best and the worst of us.

  • Whitney

    Where in the world do you all come off criticizing her directly after she was in a terrible accident? Is there really nothing else you “grown” women have to do then sit around your computer anonymously bashing car crash victims? Seems to me like you all are pretty flawed yourselves, bullying people online. How dare you. I am extremely grateful that I still have my big sister, and although she isn’t the best driver, she is the BEST mother to my nephews. Hug your family a little tighter and get a hobby. (P.s. “Local_Waymart” asshole, I sincerely doubt that Chris would appreciate you bashing the mother of his children online either, grow up)

  • Jrenee Lovely

    how heartless and mean are you people that made the comments.they said they hope she gets what she deserves well do her two little boys do they deserve not having a mother think about what you say before you write it on a comment log on the news how ruthless are you really you should be ashamed of yourself and you need God in your heart.I don’t know how you can live with yourself saying those ignorant comments.she is a human being that got into a severe car accident do you have any emotions for her her family or her need to find God because the devil has found yell

  • karen

    you are right about that. I care for her and her boys and hope she proceeds with caution next time. At least there is a next time for her!

  • karen

    She has been warned about her speed, texting and no seatbelt.She’s been in multiple accidents. I’m glad her boys weren’t in the car. Speed y recovery Sierra.

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