Rockne Newell Ordered To Trial, Father Supporting Him

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STROUDSBURG -- A judge ordered Rockne Newell to stand trial in the shooting deaths of three people at a Ross Township supervisor's meeting in August.

Inside the courthouse, the prosecution presented their side. The most compelling piece of evidence was an audio recording from the Ross Township supervisors meeting.

The recording captured what happened inside.  You heard gunfire erupt, people screaming, silence, someone yelling "he's coming back," Newell yelling "they stole my land," more gunfire, and a struggle as people tackled Newell and took away his gun.

Monroe County District Attorney David Christine had a hard time talking about that piece of evidence.

"We'll just say it was a trying day because what you heard in there was very emotional."

But Rockne Newell's father wasn't as emotional.

"I don't feel like he's a murderer.  They just pressed him. They pushed him he snapped,” said Pete Newell.

During the hearing, several witnesses testified that Rockne kept saying the township supervisors "stole his land."

Police say Newell was upset with the supervisors because the township recently condemned his property near Saylorsburg and  then bought it at a sheriff's sale.

"I wouldn't say I'm justifying what he did, I'm justifying the way they pushed him. For 22 years they hounded him,” Pete Newell said.

There was a massive security force in place at the courthouse.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against Rockne Newell.


  • A.S

    when a person has very little, and thats taken, WHAT THE HELL DO THEY EXPECT. THEY DROVE THE MAN INSANE.

  • simer lowe

    Sounds like you should be in the cell next to that psychopath. This man told the township for over 15 years that he didn’t live on the property. I know that you’re lying about living that close, or you are a complete trash idiot. I actually lived less than a mile away for over 10 years from him. WNEP never brought up that he has close ties to Rose Schoch and the county allowed this to drag on for years not enforcing the laws. Rambo was not a pro government person who wrote on his own Facebook page that he was for a socialist minded president like Obama, that story could have been covered. WNEP never brought up the fact that his murderer abused his own dogs (something that is common with murderers). No land was stolen either, he had years of court cases where he defended how he didn’t live there, but had human waste in buckets, or into the stream, as well as fluids from multiple cars. The land was put up for auction after he would not clean it up and NOBODY put up a dime for it, maybe you should have done something yourself. The land that he destroyed that will now be vacant could have been all yours.

  • Tom R

    What Newell did is wrong, and my heart goes out to all of the victims of this tragedy, but it is hard to believe that this went on for 22 years! Almost a quarter of a century! What were these supervisors thinking and why were they so hell bent on getting this land? If they could not find a suitable resolution in the first few years, they should have just let this go. In my opinion, Ross Township should share some of the blame in this tragedy.

    • Bob

      This man is a dirtbag. You are either lying or ignorant about the murderer. He tried to kill his own father years ago by beating him to inches of his life with a shovel. Newell put his waste in buckets and let it go downstream. He harassed his neighbors with explosives. The rules were not enforced by the county due to Rose Schoch and her relation to Rockne and her pull within the county. He said for 15+ years that he didn’t live there. Get your facts straight!!!!

  • Nick

    I hope he gets what he deserves. If you do not agree than that is just to bad. If you want to report news in a different manner than create your own news station. Most likely his father was aware of his tendencies towards “snapping” and should have sought help for him. I have no sympathy for those who do not seek help. There were plenty of other ways to “snap” without lashing out at others violently and doing so in a violent manner is just asking for a rightful punishment.

  • Ashley Dancho

    From what I have been hearing this man wasn’t treated right. Instead of being compassionate and helping it sounds like they drove him to breaking. Too much stuff like this happening to people and it isn’t right. Townships think they have so much power and just destroy people’s lives. I don’t think killing anyone is ok ever. Just the way treated him could make a person snap. From what I understand the township did something wrong to him too. Now its too late to fix it . My heart does go out to everyone who lost their life or a loved one. The township needs to be held accountable too for what they did to him. It’s not right to steal someone’s land,

  • TJ

    What a waste of resources for a man that was pushed over the edge. This area loves to role out the force when they can. Just think they used the tragedy to buy an upgrade at the cost of the township. Clown show

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