Viewing Held For Pocono Mountain East Football Player

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PARADISE TOWNSHIP -- Hundreds of people in Monroe County came out to pay their final respects to a Pocono Mountain East high school student.

A viewing was held Wednesday night for Steven Dienno who passed away over the weekend.

The line of mourners wrapped around Bolock Funeral Home near Mount Pocono as hundreds of people came to pay their final respects to a Pocono Mountain East senior.

Steven Dienno passed away over the weekend roughly six weeks after he was critically injured in a car crash.

“Myself, I`m taking it rough just because I`ve known him my whole life, I grew up with him ever since I can remember, and it`s stinks, I`ve lost a brother of mine,” said senior Michael Tafuri.

“It was really tough because we thought he would make it, so the whole community took it really hard. It`s been a tough time,” said senior Devvon Dionisius.

Dienno played quarterback for Pocono Mountain East.

Police said Dienno was driving from football practice on September 24th and had two other Pocono Mountain East students with him.

The car was left severed in half and mangled after police said Dienno swerved off Bush Road and slammed into two trees then smashed a rock pillar.

Dienno and passenger Justin Bullock were taken to the hospital in critical condition.

The third passenger, Michael Kenosky was treated and released shortly after the crash.

“We were all hoping for the best, we thought he would be back in school, but everything happens for a reason I guess, he`s in a better place,” said senior Nicole Calicchio.

“He had a great soul, he was a super kind person, if you wanted someone to be there for you it was Steven Dienno,” said Tafuri. “He just always put a smile on your face and he brought light to any room he entered.”

Funeral services for Steve Dienno will be held Thursday morning at 10 a.m. at Saint Mary of the Mount Church in Mount Pocono.

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  • Frank Rizzo

    I’m sorry for the parents of this boy and the friends loss, however, he is no hero, he is no victim, he was an ignorant punk with a fast car who went out with no regard for anyone else and killed himself! He likely killed his best friend or at the very least destroyed his life, and if nothing else destroyed his 3rd friend emotionally because he has to live with survivor guilt! Teach your children to be responsible and cautious and respectful of others and maybe this wouldn’t happen so often! Anyone here can say anything they wish about this post but deep down you all know i just said what everyone really feels deep down but won’t say because they feel bad for the parents!

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