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Snow Inspires Tire Buyers

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MOUNT POCONO -- The light dusting of snow in one part of the Poconos motivated people to head out into the elements to buy snow tires.

A light dusting of snow coated hoods of cars while ice covered the grill of a truck, as the vehicles were parked outside Jack Williams Tire and Auto in Mount Pocono.

Hours before, the Mount Pocono area got some of its first snow of the season.

"You’ve got to be prepared, always prepared, two steps ahead of the weather," said Geoffrey Garcia of Pocono Summit.

The snow couldn't have come at a better time for the Jack Williams Tire and Auto business. The general manager of the store location says it's been nonstop since Monday. Most of these cars in the business garage were getting snow tires or all-season tires.

"The first snowfall always puts a scare in the people. And people are out early this year getting snow tires compared to last year," said Jason Denig, the store general manager.

The workers at Jack Williams Tire and Auto in Mount Pocono say they've sold more than 100 snow tires and all-season tires in the past two days.

If you remember, the location in Mount Pocono was destroyed by fire five months ago and it's back open, with Old Man Winter on its side.

Old Man Winter is also doing some motivating for Jean Garcia of Pocono Summit, who will be getting snow tires on his SUV for the first time in his life.  He moved to the area two years ago.

"Last year I didn't get snow tires, I got into accidents and I'm trying to be prepared now," said Garcia.

Geoffrey Garcia experienced his first Poconos winter last year and according to him, it was a bad experience and is getting snow tires this year.

"I almost got into a car accident. Almost. So you’ve always got to be prepared always," he said.

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