Van Crashes Into Homes In Nesquehoning

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NESQUEHONING -- A couple in their 90s were having breakfast this morning when all of a sudden, a vehicle crashed right into their home in Carbon County.

Officials said the damage in Nesquehoning is so bad that the elderly folks and their neighbor cannot stay in the double-block home.

A van crashed into a parked car, and snapped a pole before hitting two homes. Authorities say the driver and a passenger, along with the people who lived in the homes were shaken but not hurt.

Sam Sparich said the driver told him why he crashed.

"He heard like a snap and then he had no control over the truck and it kept on pulling on the right."

George Cederborg lives across the street from the crash.

"I feel sorry for the older couple over there because they don't get out much as it is and they had to take the one lady out in a wheelchair, She's a little disabled and everything, they're 90 years old. It's tough."

Joe Puchock whose home hit by the van said he's been married to his wife Jane for 73 years.  They lived in the home for 60 years.

"98 years old and I will be 100, I will be 99 in December." Joe explained.

Jane Puchock said she believes the Lord wasn't ready to take them when the van crashed.

"I heard a bang and the next thing I know I saw the truck all banged, all smashed there. Because of what happened to us the truck didn't come in the house and hurt anybody, so that's why we are lucky."

Back at the crash scene, first responders carefully pulled on the vehicle and as they did they shored up the porch.

Randy Warmen watched the activity.

"I’ve got to give all these firefighters and EMTs credit. They know exactly what to do,” Warmen said.

Jane, Joe, and the woman who lived in the other side of the building are anxious to get back home. There is no word on when that will happen. Inspectors must make sure their homes are safe.