Honoring Veterans at the Montoursville Cemetery

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MONTOURSVILLE -- "All gave some, and some gave all," is a popular saying on Veterans Day. One ceremony in Lycoming County was held at a cemetery where veterans were honored and remembered. Around 30 people gathered at the Montoursville Cemetery to mark Veterans Day.

Veterans Day is bittersweet for Gale Matthews-Ferguson and her family. Gale's son, Sergeant Nathan Matthews died two years ago while serving our country.

"He was a very good brother. He was a very good role model. He was the only male role model we had in our lives," Zachary Matthews said.

The Matthews family says it is therapeutic to come to the Veterans Day ceremony at the Montoursville Cemetery. It is something they have done every year since Nathan's death.

"When I come here and I'm around all my family and friends, it makes me feel happy that they're there for me," Gale Matthews-Ferguson said.

"I just feel that we need to do this for him because he did so much for us. He served for us," Debi Carnes said.

The annual ceremony at the Montoursville cemetery honors all veterans. John MacMillen took part in the event.

"There's a lot more emphasis on it and a lot more honor to it, so we sure appreciate it," John MacMillen said.

The county commissioners say about 10% of the population in Lycoming County is made up of veterans. Around 1,800 of them are buried here at the Montoursville Cemetery. Their graves are marked with flags.

"It means a lot. Being with other veterans means a lot. Memorial Day and Veterans Day means an awful lot," Robert Snauffer said.

There is a wall of honor at the cemetery featuring the names of dozens of men and women who served our country. Event organizers read the names of everyone who is on that wall.

There are some spaces left on the wall of honor at the Montoursville Cemetery. If you or a loved one is a veteran from Lycoming County and you are interested in a spot on the wall, contact the cemetery.