Lansford Officer Charged With Corruption Of Minors

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LANSFORD -- A police officer in Carbon County faces charges including corruption of minors and giving alcohol to minors.

This is the same department where an officer last month shot himself after taking another cop at gunpoint.

The officer who now faces charges is Robert Shubeck.  State police say Officer Shubeck started an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old boy who was interested in becoming a cop.robert shubeck mug

Investigators say that relationship became sexual and when the teen tried to end it, Officer Shubeck started to stalk the boy.    Troopers say it happened between July and December of 2012.

It is another blow to the Lansford police department.

This time Lansford Officer Robert Shubeck is accused of using a teenage boy's interest in police work and turning it into corruption of minors, even using a Lansford police cruiser to stalk the boy when the teen tried to end what became a sexual relationship.

"I knew him as a police officer and he was really kind-hearted, very kind-hearted and willing to help.  It is. It's shocking,” said Dakota Appleby of Lansford.

Appleby said she heard rumors about the relationship and a cop being investigated.

"I heard through other people talking and overhearing other things.  It is shocking."

Some of those who heard about the investigation say they're pleased to hear charges have been filed.

"I'm glad he was arrested because if it's true, he deserved to be arrested, especially being in law enforcement."

The borough council president says this will likely be dealt with at a council meeting next week.  She says Officer Shubeck has been suspended from the police department for almost a year since this investigation began. She says his status with the department could change next week.

“I think they need to get it under control because it's not the only thing going on with police officers.  It's very disturbing,” said Amber Neff of Lansford.

She was referring to another Lansford police officer who caused a disturbance in nearby Jim Thorpe a week and a half ago when he killed himself after holding a friend and fellow officer at gunpoint.

But now it's Lansford officer Robert Shubeck accused of inappropriate behavior with a teenager that has people shocked.

"I think it's disturbing. I think it's gross. You don't know who to trust any more these days with your kids.”

Officials in Lansford say since last December Officer Robert Shubeck has been suspended with pay during this investigation.

The borough council president expects him to at least be suspended without pay at the council meeting next Wednesday night.


  • Susan Loopner

    As for you, Rusty Shackleford, have you ever heard of “innocent until proven guilty”? You comment on how he became an ice cream truck driver after he was suspended….was he supposed to sit around and not work? How does someone piece their life back together after a family fabricates lies in order to gain financial stability…you know nothing about the accuser, Tyler Hefflefinger or his opportunistic family and God forbid this should ever happen to you. In this screwed up town, your just guilty with no opprtunity to prove your innocence.

  • Susan Loopner

    You people have nothing better to do than put a good person on blast without knowing all of the facts. This Lansford officer is being blamed for things that did not happen. Im sure for the people that know the ACCUSER, you will agree that he is a person with alot of problems and this is not the first time he has been involved with an older male. Alot of people know what im talking about. The accuser has issues and needs to come clean and tell the truth so this officer can be vindicated.

  • Marie Smith

    Love how the Mayor of Lansford said in the paper yesterday…”oh, he was a good cop & it’s a shame his career is ruined”…..nothing about the victim….just that the so-called cops career being ruined….wow….get your head out of your “you know where”…and these are the people running this town or should I say ruining this town!!!

  • Rusty Shackleford

    When this officer was suspended he became an ice cream truck driver in nesquehoning. How was this allowed to happen??

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