Attorney Agrees To Plead To Federal Tax Charges

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SCRANTON — An attorney from Lackawanna County has agreed to plead guilty to federal tax charges.

Danielle Ross of Jermyn represented the interests of children in custody cases in county court as guardian ad litem.

Earlier this year, federal investigators accused her of failing to pay taxes on money that she received above her base pay.

Ross was scheduled to go to trial later this month.

Instead, federal court documents show that she has agreed to plead guilty to attempted tax evasion.

She’ll also pay a fine of up to $100,000.


  • Marjory Azevedo

    Years ago Ms. Ross represented me in my divorce case. It was a bitter divorce resulting from much abuse…physical, emotion and mental. I had two children to provide for and held a full time job but couldn’t afford the legal fees. I was a wreck. She represented me to the end. Saved my retirement fund which I solely contributed to and WAS most definitely my saving grace and my guardian angel…..she didn’t charge me a penny!!!! P.S. She was not related to me in anyway and I found her on a referral. I would trust her with my life. People need to know both sides of the stories. You are only getting one side. No one will ever ever change my mind. She gave me my life back, my hope and my belief that there are still good people out there….

  • Alexandre Arnau

    Years ago, during a custody dispute with my ex over our daughter, she was appointed to be my kid’s guardian ad litem. She promptly, and shamelessly, began to act as an attorney for my ex, taking her side at every turn, and making my daughter’s life as difficult as possible, instead of acting inher best interests. She attempted to lay all the legal fees at my feet, going so far as attemtping to make me pay for phone calls SHE made.

    I have known for some time that her behavior was beyond unethical; it was criminal, and immoral. Now, in the eyes of the law, she’s officially a crook. She’ll no longer be able to meddle in and intefere with the lives of people, using the authority of the court as her own personal hammer. Small comfort for me, but a boon for Lackawanna County.

  • john

    I think she should have harder punishments she was to be looking out for young kids i had to deal with her and she took the side of my exwife but now I’m dealing with a very scared kid that hears vioces that tell him to hurt. himself now since she or my lawers wanted to lessen i have to try and fix all the problums this world is so messed up anymore iwounder how many kids suffered while she was there guardian ad litem she ahould go and explan to those kids what she has done and why she did it

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