A Fall Feast on The Tioga Central Railroad

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Enjoy a mouth-watering fall feast created by Chef Shannon Mosher aboard the Tioga Central Railroad. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/floydsfood

Contact:  Chef Mosher Floyd's catering floydsfood@hotmail.com.

Floyd’s German Potato Salad


3 lbs. Red Potatoes – Diced

1 Large Red Onion – Diced

4 Stalks of Celery Sliced on Bias

½  lb. Bacon – Diced

1 ½    C. Cider Vinegar

1 C. White Sugar

1 C.  Chicken Stock

1 ½   Tbsp. Caraway Seed

8 Green Onions Sliced on Bias

2 Tbsp. Salt

Salt and Fresh Ground Black Pepper


Place potatoes in pot and fill with enough water to cover.

Bring to a boil and cook for 10 minutes or fork tender.

Drain potatoes, transfer to large bowl.  Cover and keep warm.


Fry bacon in deep sauce pan until bacon is crisp and fat has rendered.

Add onion, celery, and caraway seed.

Cook for 5 minutes.

Add vinegar to deglaze pan.

Add sugar, chicken stock and ½ cup of cooked potatoes.

Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes

Remove from heat, stir and pour over cooked potatoes.

Toss in green onions and combine well.

Season with salt and pepper.

Serve warm and enjoy.

Floyd’s Harvest Chicken


3 tbsp. olive oil

1 whole chicken cut into 4 pieces or 2 each leg quarters and split breasts

1 large white onion cut into large pieces

4 stalks of celery cut into large pieces

1 28 oz. can of diced tomatoes

4 sprigs of fresh thyme

½ cups  Apple Butter – Home Made Is The Best.

2 cups  Chicken Stock


Heat oil in deep skillet

Season chicken with salt and pepper

Lay chicken skin side down in hot oil

Cook for 7 minutes or until brown

Turn chicken over cook for 3 minutes

Add celery, onion, apple butter and fresh thyme

Cook for 5 minutes

Add chicken stock and tomatoes

Cover pan and place in oven

Bake chicken at 350 for 45 minutes or until instant read thermometer reads 160 degrees.

Serve with Sautéed red cabbage

Brats and Kraut


4 links of bratwurst

1 16oz  package of sauerkraut

1 medium onion – julienned

2 cups of red cabbage – julienned

1 tbsp of caraway seed

1 tbsp of olive oil

1 cup of chicken stock


Heat oil in deep skillet

Brown bratwurst in oil

Add onion, cabbage, sauerkraut and caraway seed.

Stir and cook for 5 minutes

Deglaze pan with chicken stock

Cover and place pan in 350 degree oven for 40 minutes

Pumpkin Cobbler


3 whole eggs

1 15oz. can of pumpkin

1 12oz can of evaporated milk

1 cup of sugar

¼ tsp. of salt

2 tsp. of apple pie spice

2 cups of uncooked oatmeal

2 cups of brown sugar

½ lb. of butter

1 small jar of marshmallow fluff

1 8oz package of cream cheese

½ cup of maple syrup

Pepitas (toasted pumpkin seeds)


Using whisk beat together – eggs, sugar, salt, and apple pie spice

add evaporated milk and whisk together again

fold pumpkin into egg mixture

pour mixture into 13 x 9 inch pan


combine oatmeal and brown sugar

add butter, using hands crumble together until butter has been incorporated into oatmeal and brown sugar


add maple syrup, cream cheese, and fluff to food processor

pulse together until smooth and creamy

Spread topping evenly over pumpkin mixture.  Bake in 350 degree oven for 45 minutes.

To serve: scoop out cobbler onto plate, top with sauce and pepitas.


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